I Yahoo! Do you? Yahoo for Yahoo!

Well, I am grateful to Yahoo once again! They are great to me. This 360 blog is a new thing they are doing and lucky me, I get to participate. I am a white woman by the way and I write that because I have no immediately available photos of me to upload. But if you are interested, you can see my photo either on the Tapestry of Life TV show itself on channel 58 in Denver [and possibly by webcasting] or on the main website for it at http://www.home.earthlink.net/~tapestry.of.life.tv.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to talk and to write. When I am writing I am happy, and when I am not I am distressed. So I have many blogs and websites and hopefully you will like them. You can find links to some of them on the previous mentioned sites or at http://Tapestry-of-Life.tv. Another site that I created that is controversial and in a way that I didn’t expect is http://real-women-have-babies.com. You can add comments and I do love feedback, but please use language appropriate ! Thanks .gloria