Entry for November 23, 2005

You will see two of my original paintings: one, “Old Savannah Trolley” as my “avatar’ and one, entitled,”The Walkover Bridge” in this blog entry. I am an artist of as many years as I have been a Reg Nurse. I love art work far more than I love nursing and that is because art work is creating, whereas nursing in the US at the present time has digressed from life to death in many instances. i had to forsake nursing as a career because of the abortions, and the “harvesting” [taking of] vital organs, and the euthanasia of the sick, handicapped, elderly, depressed, insane, that is becoming the “norm” for the wicked. There is no incentive to be in nursing anymore for me, but I am willing to work in other nations where killing is not labeled “health care”. There was a time when I enjoyed nursing but the prodeathers have ruined health care in the US. I am always, unapologectically, emphatically, 100% of the time FOR life and the right to life for all humans possessing human DNA.