Oppose Alito –he’s not for America

Alito’s deeds since he has been on the federal bench have been 4/4 AGAINST the preborn humans in the womb and against the nation’s ability to repopulate, and AGAINST the words of God who said, “thou shalt not kill’. {Exodus 20:13] What Alito said 20 yrs ago was in his own words a lie to get a federal appointment. If you read and research the catholic doctrine of “mental reservation” you will realize it is that wicked pope’s permission to deceive for political expediency.–certainly NOT something God would allow, who said not to bear false witness. Alito voted 4 times out of 4 in favor of the abortionists, in favor of the baby-killing industry and in favor of the devil’s “precedent of killing of innocents in the womb” and AGAINST the 14th Amendment right to life for all and AGAINST the US Constitution as it is written, and AGAINST the Bill of Rights that are the actual amendments to the US Constitution and AGAINST the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence listed one of the colonists’ grievances against King George of England as his refusal to allow the population of these colonies. Alito has by his deeds refused to allow the population of these States and he should not be on the Supreme Court or any federal bench. There is not one clause or word anywhere in the Constitution or Amendments that allows killing of innocents,[abortion] nor is there any instruction for Judges to follow precedent. If the American Revolutionary Patriots had followed tradition or “precedence” there would be no America and Britain would be Great indeed.
The US cannot continue if it does repopulate itself. The only two groups repopulating themselves are Hispanic [Spanish from Latin American\ & Mexico, not Spanish from
Spain] and Muslim.I have no grievance with God-fearing people of any country, tongue or tribe, but I do have a grievance with those who worship and adhere to the false doctrines of men instead of adhering to the Commandments of God. The pope is head of the world’s largest form of government–the catholic government that is recognized as a government by the UN. I disagree with much the UN thinks and does since it is also a world government intent on taking away the sovereignty of the US and in the catholic world government apparently they recognize an ally. However, the catholic government does not rule America, at least not yet; and I pray it never does. signed gloria poole, RN