Work,work,work said a fat mouse named Gus,&church

   What cartoon figure said that some years ago? I remember watching the cartoon with my children when they were little and I can see in my mind’s eye the fat little mouse that said it. The mouse from Cinderella the cartoon movie I think. Remember that Gus’s “companion” was male, was he not? A skinny little mouse I think, and the message was so subtle that it was missed by millions; at least on a conscious level.

  Then there was that mouse cartoon with the little red car that ran away. Why do people glorify MICE in cartoons? They are really vile little critters, carrying tons of germs and bacteria and disease, but to look at the cartoons you’d get the false message that they are cute and safe and intelligent. When in reality, they are none of those characteristics, but often deadly carriers of disease.
  You may be wondering why this topic is on my mind. The use of propaganda is something I think Southerners particularly hate. The
promoting of a vile,nasty, disease-infested rodent, that carries bubonic plague, haptovirus,and other plagues, by putting them as cute cartoons aimed at children for what purpose?
   Today in some source I read an article that the people in the EU are worried very much about the [this computer has been corrupted by evil– I think the sodomites; so it does it own thing and just makes a new sentence when it feels like it]
“feathered death” of the Asian flu. These issues are related because
it seems to me that health care has become a political football, tossed about in jest, to make people/voters think that it is a
real perq of being a citizen. The politicalization of the flu is
the next big “hammer” the UN as world government, and other “charities” use to get
lots of money. It seems that they learned from the AIDS activists
who generally are homosexual activists lobbying for pay and
benefits from the government,for their wicked lifestyles. As to why
I care? I am a Reg Nurse and I care about the public health, though
I often wonder why I do? They don’t care about it themselves!
  What has being Southern got to do with all of this? Sodomites are
burning down Alabama’s churches aren’t they? Aren’t they protesting the teaching of Scriptures that the Baptists are known to do? Aren’t the sodomites acting out their attitudes that they are above the laws, both morally and legally? Aren’t sodomites warned about in the Bible, when
God said HE destroys entire cities because of it? If you do not think so then remember New Orleans that had scheduled a huge sodomite event twice and twice God “rained on their parade” of sodomy and perversion, and voodoo and idolatry. The connection between the propaganda of using cartoons,mice, birds, and the fake concept of no-bad-germs is causing destruction everywhere that sodomy is allowed. Think this through for yourself by “connecting the dots” : in order for the sodomites to enact legislation giving themselves perqs and benefits from the taxpayers, they have to convince the public at large in the US and elsewhere that there are really no bad germs. If you know what sodomy is, it is repugnant, disgusting, perverse AND very dirty! The diseases they get are documented on medical records and they are real. So the sodomites want to disguise that fact because otherwise no one would “sign up” to be sodomized,correct? The sodomites began a campaign years ago to change the minds and spiritual hearts of the populations by using propaganda like the mouse cartoon character that figures in prominently at the homosexual playground in Orlando. Their faulty reasoning seems to be that if mice are not filthy, defiled,dirty, then neither is sodomy–the ultimate goal to accomplish–propaganda to make sin appear pretty. However sodomy is a sin, an abomination against God according to Scripture and Southerners know that generally,and they know it is because God said so. The Southern Bible Belt is the way of life there and the wicked know it, and that is why they are burning down Southern Baptist Churches.
   How does a Southerner react to this? By pushing the envelope even more, protesting sodomy even more, telling the truth of God, refusing to be intimidated by evil. Will the sodomites win or will God win? I am 100% certain that God will win the battle for HIS places of worship and that HE will burn the sodomite cities down to the ground,* by HIS own hand,with fire and brimstone from heaven. Stay tuned,watch the events of the world and see what happens.
*The Scripture says so.