Hey, y’all I am a woman not a man!

My efforts to continue my work have been on-going, in spite of the demons from hell attempting to prevent it, but you know what? GOD WINS HIS BATTLES!  God knows every blog, every posting, every website, every painting I have ever created and HE IS my protector.  I have to ask what yahoo gains by allowing others to post their stuff on MY 360 blog? I am a woman, and a white woman, and that is not a “racist” statement; but a statement of fact.  I have other blogs and other work and you can search my name to find them. Someone contacted me about making prints from some of my art and so please remember that digital images of my original paintings, and also my original paintings  are covered by the copyright laws. If you want to contact me for any reason, please email me. signed gloria poole [RN]