Life is Good,and God is good all the time.

There is a lot going on in my life and I am trying to keep my work going as I contemplate how to move my “headquarters” to elsewhere. Most likely I will move  back to the coastal states, but it will be a while yet. I have a counterclaim pending in the legal system for Colorado, for the “rights” of the innocents. That should be a subject that is absolute, that innocent people are not punished, and that people who did not sign a particular  contract cannot be accused of breach of contract. It is odd that the proaborts have been able to “hijack” the meanings of ordinary words, like “innocents” and “choice” and “rights” and “can do” to make them into propaganda slogans. If you read history, you will see that is always the way the wicked attempt to seize power–by hijacking the language or the tools of communication. 

In the days of the colonies, people rode about on horseback, [remember the Pony Express?] and they tacked their messages up on the town square. Fortunately for all of us, we have the internet and that is revolutionizing politics. I am trying to prevent a hostile takeover of my work that was achieved not through a honorable person paying for it, but by subterfuge and treachery,  so pray for me, please. I still cannot edit some of MY work []  after a long time  of having it up on the web,and that is from abuse of  government power.  There is some “script” that comes from Microsoft, or ??? to “block” the control panel from working and it has happened on several of my works.  So I continue to post the news about that, so the public knows that censorship is happening, and that there are forces that are attempting to control what citizens write.

The wicked do not win! Jesus wins !