words that WORK,LLP

I am the person who named the effort words that work in 1991 and registered it in GA, as an LLC; and then moved it to Colorado years later, and morphed it to an LLP. The name is repesentative of my work for nearly 15 years. Apparently, there are some people who are either so ignorant that they have no concept of how business entities work when they have registered names; or they are so wicked they do not care. I know who my business partners are [my grown children and only MY children] and therefore it appalls me when others attempt to steal my business name or identity. FYI -to warn those who know they are NOT my business partners,[you know who you are] that you may not steal my business name or my work, or my professional name or any of my copyrighted work. You may not open accounts in my name or with my business names. words that work [lower case intentional] is the concept and also the name of much of my work. You may see some of my work at :
and also, http://www.co.local.yahoo.biz/wordsthatwork/
and http://words-that-work.biz/
I intend this posting to be an educational effort to teach those who think that they can steal business or trade info and/or a person’s identity. You know stealing is wrong. You know you must not steal another person’s name or business or trade name. You know that hacking into private computers is a federal crime. I am hoping for your own sake, that you repent and cease from unlawful activities. But if not, then know that there is a GOD, and HE avenges HIS own, HIS believers, HIS followers, those who worship HIM. signed gloria poole aka gloria poole pappas

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