“after all, he’s got a law degree”–>

Some of you may remember a very popular series of commercials some time ago, that were on the order of "he ought to be able to write a letter, after all he's got a law degree", delivered in a woman's voice with a very exaggerated Southern accent. And another one was even more ridicule of lawyers–do you remember?   Tonight I read in the Denver Post the ungodly promotion of the legislator from hell I call her;but her name is Diana DeGette who is pushing her bill from hell, HR 810. That ungodly bill is an effort to extort money from taxpayers for phony research so the wicked who profit off the blood and tissues of aborted babies can make even more $$$$ [BIG BUCKS]. I have had some upclose and personal experience with lawyers and I came to understand completely why Jesus despised them also. They live to profit off sin, vice, corruption and evil.   Does having a law degree give one common sense? Apparently not as in the case of DeGette, a lawyer. If she were a mere employee of a good company, she'd probably know that the killing of innocents is a wrong, a sin; but she was brainwashed in the law school system of the US,and  is too ignorant to know that human beings produce human beings and that a human baby in the womb of a human woman is HUMAN, and deserves the protection of the US Government and its federal gun-toting forces.
Law schools don't teach the "hard sciences" or the pursuit of truth, just "gerry-rigging" and deceit and treachery, it seems to me. The evils they attempt to defend,explain and promote are beyond belief for most of us "ordinary" citizens meaning not lawyers. There should be a crime reserved for lawyers that is beyond the punishments of ordinary citizens for those who knowingly and willfully violate the laws that would enable the US to prosper and continue. Treason the founders of this nation called it,and they defined hanging as the punishment if I remember correctly. Treason is what Diana DeGette is guilty of –promoting policy to destroy the US by killing the citizens when they are most vulnerable i.e. in the womb. Add DeGette's name to the treasonous legislators who sold out the nation for the blood money, and in case you don't know who they are and who should be tried for treason I will get you started but do your homework. Their voting records are public information. The treasonous legislators are: Diana DeGette,  Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Frist, Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, John Lewis, Cynthia McKinney, John Kerry, Ted {Edward} Kennedy, Patrick Kennedy, the Maryland legislators, most of the Virginian legislators, [few exceptions–look them up], Ken Salazar, and Olympia Snow, and the others from Washington State, the illegal delegates from Washington DC and others.  [[EMOTICON:ANGRY3]] Don't you get furious when you realize those wicked ones are determined to destroy the United States by depopulation until it cannot fight for self or anybody else? Try them all in a true Court of law and find them guilty of crimes against humanity.

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