Illegal censorship of US Senate

I have discovered by doing, that when I write an email that is supposed to be a private thing, criticizing the US Senate for their promotion of evil,my email is blocked and my system nearly crashes. Illegal censorship! I am a US citizen by birth and I have First Amendment liberties and those include the ability to demand redress of grievances from the government for their wickedness of promoting the killing of innocent preborn humans. When I write a protest of any kind [barring threats of course or profane language which I never do] then I am allowed the privileges of press and speech, and of associating with whom I want to associate and not associating with those I do not want to associate. The false and illegal idea that the US Senate has the authority to hack into my private computer for the purpose of censoring my words and therefore my political speech against them has to be combatted in every moral way possible.
It is beginning to look to me like it will take another “Civil” [meaning domestic war] War to combat the evils of abortion, government censorship of First Amendment and to remove the wicked from “high” places in government. I do not think it is the President censoring me, for the record,since I am also Republican and prolife, but instead it is the prodeathers in Congress, the very wicked Ted Kennedy and the very wicked Hillary Clinton and the very wicked John Kerry and the very wicked Barbara Boxer and the very wicked Diane Feinstein and the very wicked Nancy Pelosi and the very wicked Diane DeGette who is Colorado’s most wicked legislator of all. When I wrote three emails today on my email system they were snatched off the screen illegally and then military planes buzzed my place. The military planes always happen when I protest the US Senate– I learned that years ago. It is intended to intimidate me with a show of force but it doesn’t intimidate me–just make me MORE determined to defeat those who profit off the flesh and blood of humans and the wicked sodomy groups, who have also used terroristic approaches to block my words and work. I have First Amendment liberties so; US Senate and US House and sodomites, cease and desist attacking, hacking, and spying on me. signed gloria poole

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