Poll Republicans–they want Republicans in office

This is in response to a marketing spin that I read in the so-called “news” today :

Polls of  Democratic Voter Lists for the National Dem Party do not produce surprising results do they? They are marketing tools nothing more and nothing less. The pollsters decide what population to target and they ask political inuendo questions inistead of questions about facts. That is the nature of polls. If you ask Republican voters they will tell you they want Republicans in office in every office, and they want the Republicans to uphold the Republican Party Platform that was adopted at the most recent Convention. Polls are a tool of the Public Relations paid marketing to attempt to sway voters with false results. There is no evidence that God looks upon the polls for what HE thinks HE should do–HE judges righteously by the laws HE set into place and those laws do not change.
My mother once said to me “if everyone in your high school jumped to their deaths, would you want to follow them?” I realized that a bunch of fools are still fools–numbers do not change the reality of what is true and what is not and who has integrity and who does not. God has always been able to work mighty miracles through 1-2 men who were absolutely unequivocably on God’s side. Study the men of the Bible and you will understand that God is not impressed with large numbers and in fact, almost NEVER allowed large numbers to fight any war HE brought about because HE said that then humans would get the glory of the results. Instead HE instructs, leads and equips the men HE selects and HE tells them when they obey HIM, they will not fail. What political party is able to make that sort of promise to you?
Political Parties are groups of people who think since they don’t know where they are going, they will be able to find a leader. In reality it is the other way. A leader amasses followers and they follow him and IF he is following God, then the plan prevails. If they disobey God, HE said they would lose. Read The Bible–it is the source of all wisdom and particularly military strategy. The two greatest leaders of this nation George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were diligent to read and study The Bible.
signed gloria poole [RN]


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