Congress: Vote NO to kidnapping minors for any reason

The Congress is voting tomorrow on the issue of whether people who are not parents nor legal guardians should be able to transport minor girls across State lines to force upon them an illegal abortion. The fact that the Congress has to debate this and in an ongoing way instead of voting a loud and resounding, rock the walls NO vote the first time, is indicative of how corrupt the Legislators are. What is to debate about this? If the debate was is it all right to transport minor boys across State lines to sodomize them, would there be much debate in the Congress? If the vote was to allow strangers to kidnap minors from their homes and take them to another State for the purpose of subjecting them to invasive procedures that caused irreparable harm to them, would there be a long debate? If the topic was is it all right for persons not related to the minor to take them anywhere without parental permission, would there be a debate ? Why is the debate long and embittered over what is common sense and what is already law? It is illegal to kidnap minors. It is illegal to subject minors to any hospital procedure without parent’s or guardian’s consent. It is illegal in some States for minors to get abortions without parental notification and/or consent which is why the wicked are trying to “legalize” kidnapping of minors, to make money for abortionists. It should be illegal in every State and in every nation for any minor to have an abortion–it has the potential of destroying their child-bearing ability and in my professional opinion is worst than the illegal sterilization of the Jews in the Hitler regime of terror.
That vote in Congress will most certainly be a wake-up call to the nation. The so-called Legislators who vote to legalize kidnapping of minors to enrich abortionists should not only be booted from office, but tried for crimes against humanity, violations of The Nuremberg Code of law concerning medical treatments of humans. Minors may not give consent for any real surgery * and they may not contract for services or products in any State in this nation, so why should they be allowed to contract for an invasive, killing procedure? VOTE NO to the bill attempting to legalize kidnapping of minors for the purpose of enriching legislators who are invested in abortion mills and abortionist. NO minor is better off having an abortion–it ruins their lives and there is a ton of evidence to that fact. Visit the Elliott Institute and download their facts on the Detrimental Effects of abortion. [They give permission for download.]