Who defines censorship for the US?

I have been writing extensively for probably 30 years in one form or another. First for nursing reports to Administrators and Infection Control Committees that were specific, detailed and technical. Then I wrote eight chapters of a book and they were excellent and someone tried to steal them right off my computer screen! Then I branched to prose and poetry and blogs. OK, I want to sum up what I think I have discovered while blogging. I have been blogging since 2003 and I could write a book on the methods that the wicked employed to attempt to block, hinder, prevent, censor, suppress my words, but you know what? I am tough with that Univ of GA Bulldawg spirit that just grabs hold of something and hangs on with my teeth if need be*, until I win for the sake of GOD’s kingdom [which is what most of my efforts are about].
Here’s what I think is happening:
1) “spam” is whatever the democrats say it is and what ever is not of a socialist nature, or promoting socialism, feminism including the evil of abortion, or any other -ism.
2) Those who disagree with the registered lobbying parties in Congress, [not citizen lobbyists that is absolutely legal and good, but the “special interests groups” as they are often called in the media] will be harassed in one way or the other, by censorship, by “blacking out” postings on blogs that do not make the socialists look good, and by “disabling” the technology purposely then telling the blog owner that the “technology is currently disabled” but what they do say is, “the technology has been rendered useless by purposeful code for YOU in particular because out government owners do not like your words”.
3) Those who disagree with the Democrat’s “diva” will find that their isp does not work regularly, and that their websites are subject to review by the FCC, or by the US Senate, or that their emails are filtered through Congress before arriving in their email inbox.
4) The general public thinks every event that disrupts thousands or millions of computers is a “worm, Trojan, phisher, malware” or blah-blah-blah whatever the newest label is, but I think the reality is that soem branch, perhaps more than one of the federal/state/local governments are sending jamming electrical currents [from ?? the Pentagon, or the Sec of State’s office or the CIA or Dept of Defense?] This may sound like a a “radical” idea to you but the reality is that the President has has the power to control the electricity, the computers, the water supply, the public utilities, the trains, the airlines for decades–in fact since the first War Powers Act gave enormous powers to the President. Also, my brother who once had a security clearance for the government said part of what he was supposed to do while working for a Tech University Research dept was to find ways to jam secretly all enemy aircraft computers to cause them to fall out of the sky, and all aircraft that had computers. His conscience bothered him and he resigned or so he said, but I believe he spoke the truth that day, probably 15 years ago now. So my point is if the federal government was seeking ways to jam computers 15 years agp, do you not think they found them by now? And do you not think the wicked in Congress are not utliizing that surreptious means of controlling computers? What do you think the Microsoft case was about ? The answer is government control and government take-over of Microsoft customer files–read the agreement that Microsoft agreed too to “settle” with the Anti-Trust dept and find out who censors the public libraries’ citizen-use computers now. Find out who censors private computers now and find the association with Yahoo and other internet email services that “block” certain emails to certain places or people [and I am talking about US citizens] or intercept it, or redirect it to Legislators in Congress like Diane DeGette, who is the puppet of BIG BIOTECH.
5) Any blog entry with the name of GOD or JESUS, or the word “life” or “prolife” is subject to scrutiny by the isp and possible censorship, including a possible total black-out of the entire blog and/or blog entry; and it takes a concerted,deliberate and determined person to overcome that censorship. This censorship constitutes “prior restraint” of the First Amendment, and is unconstitutional; but the ones doing the censorship are those who hate GOD and who have NO reverance for any of God’s laws or principles and in fact, intend to stop the word of GOD from all sources.
They are of the devil in other words and they must be defeated.
6) The so-called “gay and lesbian” groups violate all laws concerning cybercrime on a regular basis and they have gotten away with it some of the time because they have powerful puppets in Congress and other illegal forms of government on US soil such as the UN [Arlen Specter, Barney Frank, the Clintons, and others] who would sell their souls to the devil for political power. The “GAYLA” groups spam-flood heterosexuals, and complain that they are “offended” by the truth that sodomy is a sin against God, and they hack into websites and they jam with electrical currents by abusing federal powers of Congress and their puppet Legislators, and they collect info on heterosexuals who oppose them, and they smear their names and they steal info like card info that pays for the blog or domain and then they use the banking laws about disclosure to block payments. Romans chapter one in the King James Holy Bible says sodomites and women who have sex with women are “reprobate” and lists all the manifestations of their sin and the degradation that progresses and that chapter says it better than I could.

I have a determination that comes from my committment to THE LORD JESUS, who is Messiah, and I am NEVER,NEVER,NEVER, NEVER,NEVER, NEVER quitting this battle of words. The more they censor me, the more I am going to write blogs and write and write until every nation on this planet knows my name and my work and the words of GOD on the subjects of life and adherance to the words of GOD, particularly the words, “thou shalt not kill” [Exodus 20:13] and to the men, “thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, it is abomination” [Leviticus 18:22].
* A figure of speech only–think of a real bulldog grabbing an intruder by the seat of the pants.