Massachusetts: you’re in a mess come election time

You people in Massachusetts,what were you thinking? There are no candidates running for office this November election who are for human life. What is the matter with you all? It is public record that the elected officials from Massachusetts in the Congress are corrupt and without morals or respect for human life. The voting records of the people representing you as a State is beyond pitiful, they are downright wicked. Kerry is from hell and that wicked Kennedy is knocking at the devil’s door with a bribe in his hand. Kerry and Kennedy each have voted against human life more than 75 times in their careers. If they are an example of the “values” of Massachusetts, the righteous living there should flee to the hills according to the word of GOD in the Bible.

Think this election through logically. If your elected officials vote against human life every time it is brought up to a vote, and if they haul in killed-baby-processing-plants to your state and your state becomes the Auschwitz of America where killed babies are processed for their cells, are you really going to be proud of living in that abomination? If the State continues to promote sodomy and perversion and transvestite “festivals” to flaunt GOD’s laws* in HIS face, do you actually think the State as a whole will survive? If so, you fool yourself. The Katrina destruction from GOD’s own hand, is proof that HE will not tolerate sodomy perversions flaunted on public streets in front of children. I urge you to vote for righteousness. If there are no righteous candidates then do not vote for evil. Write in a righteous candidate. Do not let the wicked and perverse rule Massachusetts.

* Leviticus 18:22, KJV, is precise on the subject of sodomy, and is written, to men, “thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind. It is abomination.” Also Romans chapter one tells of the root cause of homosexuality [refusing to acknowledge GOD as GOD] and idolatry] the progression of it to utter depravity, and the punishment of it, [death].


California, vote against Pelosi and all prodeathers

For the record, I am always opposed to all prodeathers who are running for office in any state or any nation. This posting is in response to an article that was posted on the Yahoo Message Board today about California’s Pelosi. I post it here because I am determined to counteract in every way possible the propaganda of the abortionists and their PAC’s and their propaganda machinery, and point out the obvious that they want to overlook.

There is nothing good about Pelosi. Her so-called values are the implementation of socialism, the aborting of America, the enriching of those who kill the innocent for pay [abortuaries and their “investors” such as Ted Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Barbara Boxer, Diane DeGette, Ken Salazar, John Kerry, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton].
There is no good from any person whether male or female, who believes that the killing of innocents is a right, or necessary to gain political power. Her agenda for America is evil. Her petite size has nothing to do with what kind of Speaker of the House she would be. In fact, being petite would be a detriment to being recognized as a leader, according to all studies on that kind of thing. She hails from the second most liberal, most ungodly state in the nation [Calif] and she has voted against human life in the womb, the future of any nation, repeatedly. She is a hypocrite since she has children and grandchildren* but encourages other women not to have them by her championing the cause of abortion as a “right” and a “duty” for the poor. If she were true to what her religion is supposed to stand for, she’d be there promoting life and teaching that children are blessings. I oppose catholicism as false doctrine and the Kennedys, the Kerrys, the Pelosis, the sodomite priests all attest that it is false doctrine since the doctrine of their so-called church does not teach the Commandments of God, nor does it lead to life nor does it lead them to live by it.

* I do not fault her for having children, but for teaching and promoting abortion. All women should have children. Visit, and http;//
signed gloria poole [RN]

Prolifers, defeat the prodeathers at polls

The elections are coming up. The US must remember that the real issues are : 1)making the homicide of a baby in the womb, a crime punishable by prison for the murderer of that baby as public policy on the federal level, and 2) voting out of office every person who has voted against human life while in Congress;3) and refusing to vote for those who vote for, politick for, pay for, advocate the killing of innocents for any reason.
Do not “choose” the “lesser of two evils” –do not vote for evil in any format or in any election or for any reason. Those who believe they have the “right” to kill innocents are NOT the kind of people that any nation needs as leaders. WRITE in the prolife candidates if need be. Do not vote for killers and do not vote for evil. Those who have the blood of MILLIONS of innocents on their hands are : {this is a partial list of the notorious} John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Diane DeGette, Ken Salazar, Bill Clinton, Charles Schumer, Eliot Spitzer [NY AG], John Lewis, Diane Pelosi, Olympia Snowe, Patty Murray. VOTE them out of office and if possible, try them for treason against the US for voting to allow the killing of millions, and/or for profiting off the blood and tissues of the innocents in the womb. They are complicent in the deaths of millions by their voting records.