Prolifers, defeat the prodeathers at polls

The elections are coming up. The US must remember that the real issues are : 1)making the homicide of a baby in the womb, a crime punishable by prison for the murderer of that baby as public policy on the federal level, and 2) voting out of office every person who has voted against human life while in Congress;3) and refusing to vote for those who vote for, politick for, pay for, advocate the killing of innocents for any reason.
Do not “choose” the “lesser of two evils” –do not vote for evil in any format or in any election or for any reason. Those who believe they have the “right” to kill innocents are NOT the kind of people that any nation needs as leaders. WRITE in the prolife candidates if need be. Do not vote for killers and do not vote for evil. Those who have the blood of MILLIONS of innocents on their hands are : {this is a partial list of the notorious} John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, Diane DeGette, Ken Salazar, Bill Clinton, Charles Schumer, Eliot Spitzer [NY AG], John Lewis, Diane Pelosi, Olympia Snowe, Patty Murray. VOTE them out of office and if possible, try them for treason against the US for voting to allow the killing of millions, and/or for profiting off the blood and tissues of the innocents in the womb. They are complicent in the deaths of millions by their voting records.

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