Defund the A.C.L.U and all anti-GOD orgs

The A.C.L.U. serves no good purpose.Its constant unrelenting attack against citizens who love GOD and who publish the words of GOD, and its attack against Cities and schools that revere GOD is NOT acceptable. Why should taxpayers fund an organization inspired by and consisting of communists, whose goal is to splinter, and destroy the “united” states? Why should taxpayers fund an organization intent on depopulating these States? and the world? Why should the U.S. taxpayers fund any organization whose principles are drawn from the Communist Manifesto of anti-GOD, anti-private-property rights, anti-liberty, and suppression of the citizens? There is not one reason why the ACLU should be funded from the taxpayer’s money. It is an organization from hell and that is where it belongs.
signed gloria poole [RN]


Vote NO to embryonic stem cell research by any name

Michael J Fox and all his groupies who advocate the killing of the innocent human beings in the womb in a sick and twisted effort to save their own skins, should remember Christopher Reeve and his wife. The Reeves went public with their support of killing as a “right” and as “necessary” to save the already doomed, and they did not live long afterwards. Promoting sin as a “right” displeases GOD. There is NO good that comes from the killing of innocent human beings –none. In fact, GOD says in The Holy Bible in Psalms 106:34-42 that HE punishes the entire nation that sheds the innocent blood of its sons and its daughters. And Genesis 9: 6 is written, “whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of GOD, made HE man.” Those who kill will be killed in other words. Human embryoes are human and they are alive beginning with the one cell gamete, that moves about, ingests nutrition, excretes waste. For them to use Michael J Fox to exploit him to further the cause of evil, is wickedness in and of itself. To promise anything made of dead human beings, is disgusting, perverted, and evil. Do not be deceived. Read every word of the Amendment because those who kill for profit whether politically or financially, or both, cannot be trusted. The Bible says the wicked do not live half their lives and that is true and that is on display in Michael J Fox. Do not listen to the lies of the enemies of GOD. GOD wrote in stone, “thou shalt not kill.” [Exodus 20:13] Cloning is a word intended to deceive because it pretends that humans are able to do what only GOD is able to do and that is create new life, or heal anyone. The word “cloning” has morphed several times in the past few years as the wicked try to find ways to deceive the public. Do not be deceived. Pray for wisdom and guidance from THE LORD GOD.
signed gloria poole [RN]

Hey y’all some important facts you must know to vote

Hey, y’all I am writing this as a Reg Nurse of many years. There are some important facts you must know before you vote in November. Let me list them as succinctly as possible:
1) When a human man’s sperm enters into a human woman’s egg, a new HUMAN is created, with the “blueprint” for the development in the chromosones on the genes. That new human is alive, ingests nutritiion, excretes waste, and moves about. Therefore because it is always wrong to kill innocent humans with premeditation, abortion is wrong always.
2) Sticking a label of “medical research” on the killing of human embryoes does NOT change the fact that it is still wrong and still a sin against GOD. who wrote in stone, “thou shalt not kill.” Exodus 20:13
3) The pseudo*-scientists who have hankered after billion dollar grant money in exchange for a fake promise of results from aborted babies, are criminal in my opinion. The RICO ACT in the US is supposed to prevent the profiteering off killing and supposed to prevent the profiteering off of human flesh and blood and rigged elections.
4) Fetal research was begun in the US when that diabolical Bill Clinton lifted the ban on fetal research after being in office a few hours. In his eight years of office and the years since, there have been NO cures of any kind found from aborted babies, but they did discover that their cells cause tumors when injected into rats.
5) Those politicians who tell you there must be a so-called right to kill [abortion, euthanasia] in order to have “empowerment” are from the devil. Do not follow them or vote for them.
6) The US is not the first nation to attempt to find a salvo for aching consciences and broken emotional hearts, by trying to create products for sale from human flesh and blood, from the dead babies so the killer mothers will “feel good” about them dying. Nazi Germany also tried that by extracting the gold teeth, and the skin of their gassed victims to make lampshades and other products. Of course, do I need to say it? That was considered by all but the heathen as deplorable, abominable, and NOT acceptable. Cannabalism is ingesting human flesh and it is not acceptable. Yet, that is precisely what creating “medicines” from “human cell lines” is–do you really want to swallow a pill made from aborted babies? IF so, you are on your way to hell, and need to repent.

signed gloria poole [RN]

* another word is fake

The info you need to decide whom to vote for

Today I worked on compiling some of the most important Scriptures you will ever need when it comes time to vote. I also worked on trying to reclaim one of my domains and the work with it, from liars, thieves and reprobates. Not to get off subject or “off task”, what I want you to read BEFORE you decide whom to vote for, is listed at the website I created today for my work. OK one of the websites. Go to and read the entire page. When you do you will rethink the issue of whether the killing of innocents in the name of feminism/ so-called “women’s rights” is a real “right” OR is a grievous sin against GOD who punishes that sin? You have to know that I AM ABSOLUTELY OPPOSED TO ABORTION AND TO ANY PREMEDITATED KILLING OF HUMANS!