Michael J Fox and all his groupies who advocate the killing of the innocent human beings in the womb in a sick and twisted effort to save their own skins, should remember Christopher Reeve and his wife. The Reeves went public with their support of killing as a “right” and as “necessary” to save the already doomed, and they did not live long afterwards. Promoting sin as a “right” displeases GOD. There is NO good that comes from the killing of innocent human beings –none. In fact, GOD says in The Holy Bible in Psalms 106:34-42 that HE punishes the entire nation that sheds the innocent blood of its sons and its daughters. And Genesis 9: 6 is written, “whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of GOD, made HE man.” Those who kill will be killed in other words. Human embryoes are human and they are alive beginning with the one cell gamete, that moves about, ingests nutrition, excretes waste. For them to use Michael J Fox to exploit him to further the cause of evil, is wickedness in and of itself. To promise anything made of dead human beings, is disgusting, perverted, and evil. Do not be deceived. Read every word of the Amendment because those who kill for profit whether politically or financially, or both, cannot be trusted. The Bible says the wicked do not live half their lives and that is true and that is on display in Michael J Fox. Do not listen to the lies of the enemies of GOD. GOD wrote in stone, “thou shalt not kill.” [Exodus 20:13] Cloning is a word intended to deceive because it pretends that humans are able to do what only GOD is able to do and that is create new life, or heal anyone. The word “cloning” has morphed several times in the past few years as the wicked try to find ways to deceive the public. Do not be deceived. Pray for wisdom and guidance from THE LORD GOD.
signed gloria poole [RN]