Defund the A.C.L.U and all anti-GOD orgs

The A.C.L.U. serves no good purpose.Its constant unrelenting attack against citizens who love GOD and who publish the words of GOD, and its attack against Cities and schools that revere GOD is NOT acceptable. Why should taxpayers fund an organization inspired by and consisting of communists, whose goal is to splinter, and destroy the “united” states? Why should taxpayers fund an organization intent on depopulating these States? and the world? Why should the U.S. taxpayers fund any organization whose principles are drawn from the Communist Manifesto of anti-GOD, anti-private-property rights, anti-liberty, and suppression of the citizens? There is not one reason why the ACLU should be funded from the taxpayer’s money. It is an organization from hell and that is where it belongs.
signed gloria poole [RN]