How dare they suggest they usurped the President?

I am writing this because I am mad! I read a few moments ago a news article in the about how the democrats had the unmitigated gall to suppose that they have the authority to instruct the President of the United States in what he may or may not do. On top of that insult with grievous injury to the unborn children, what they suggested he may not do is submit the names of prolifers as Judges. HOW DARE THEY DO SUCH AN EVIL THING?

I am certain that the U.S. is NOT better off with such stupid and wicked people in power as the democrats. Do you want to be in a nation where the wicked make the rules, where killing of innocents is labeled a “right”, where the innocent babies in the womb are slaughtered just as King Herod slaughtered the Jewish babies as recorded in the Bible? I am not one to normally call names and I tried to think if this would be as effective without that word “jerks” and decided it would not be. The appalling fact that they would even suggest to the President that they have usurped his power and authority makes me so furious that I am tempted to think that when the enemies of the US bomb the abortion clinics and the Congress, and the White House and the Supreme Court, some of us may be saying “good riddance”! This country would be better off without such evil people in power. Those who want to kill innocents are NOT going to take over this country! Label me radical if you like, but I am NEVER quitting the prolife battle* and I am NEVER accepting their false doctrine of killing as a “right” as truth, and I will NEVER buy a product from a company that pays for abortions if I know about it ahead of time, and I am NEVER ever, ever, ever, ever, ever agreeing with evil, so help me GOD. If you think I am wrong, then think –think! Was Germany better off with those who said they had the
“right” to kill Jews? Was the U.S. better off with those who said they had the “right” to kill black people [slaves]? Is the U.S. better off with those who say they had the “right” to kill tiny, defenseless human beings [babies] in the wombs of their mothers? IS the U.S. better off with Judges who believe that the killing of innocents is a “right’ with a total and complete disregard of the written laws of the US Constitution and the Amendments? If you do not know the answer to these rhetorical questions, you have lost your soul already, and should repent down on your knees before the Almighty GOD in order not to go to hell.

* a battle of words at this point but the next civil war cause most likely.
signed gloria poole [ RN]


Some may be, possibly, could be good news

I read in the news tonight that NYC’s Rudy Giuliani is considering running for President in 08 and has formed an “exploratory committee” under the FEC rules. That might be good news depending upon IF he is prolife. That word “prolife” means that he would sign prolife legislation that is really prolife and not deceptive as was the so-called embryonic stem cell research phony bills that actually cause the deaths of human embryoes. It also means he would actively promote the right to life for all humans including those in the wombs of their mothers. It also means he would not waffle on the subject or use the propaganda slogans of the death-to-the-unborn of the massive lobby of the misnamed ” Planned Parenthood”, the deceptively named “Center for Reproductive Rights”, the Dept of Education, and SIECUS, a huge proabort organization funded by unions. Being prolife means recognizing that all humans are HUMAN from HUMAN parents and must be given the full protection of the US Constitution. Recognizing the medical facts about the preborn/unborn means reading the medical literature and talking to the medical specialists of neonatalogists. Being prolife is as much or more of a committment as being committed to the causes of “all men ought to be free” [ending slavery] and no se*xual trafficking allowed. If the prolifers in the U.S. do not rise up en masse and demand the civil liberties for the preborn then the U.S. will depopulate and implode or be overthrown by its more populous enemies. Don’t be deceived by the falsehoods of the proaborts who make $$$$$$$$$ from the blood, cells, and bodies of human babies. Don’t be fooled by the wicked. Read medical facts and reject fake medical science.

Protesting fraudulent research and censorship

I am posting this entry here because I am furious about being censored and harassed by both bloglines and tabulas’ blogging systems. This entry started out to be a expose of the fake research at the University of Missouri,where the debate about embryonic stem cells is so hot in the run-up to the election. This posted entry is quoted on the comments section of my tabulas blog at : because it would not post in the “new entry” section after three tries. .So I am posting this entire thing here, to protest censorship of Christians and prolifers by the organizations involved.
[quoting my own words from my tabulas blog:]

This is my third time to write this entry and so if it works, what a miracle. The tabulas program is a very bad blogging system, that works infrequently or else they just don’t like Christians to post content on their blog system, being openly discriminatory against Christians and republican prolifers. Here again, for the third time is what this entry is about. There is an article today in the earthlink news entitled, “Report, Professor’s Reseach Questioned” and I wrote a blog entry today in one of my blogs at  about that news. My blog entry gives medical facts about the developing baby in the womb and why the fake research at Univ of MO was fake.  That earthlink article, written by AP writer, states that the research at the University of Missouri “may not be reliable” that was written up in the Science magazine this past February on human embryonic stem cell research. 
There are several reasons why I write on this subject: the premeditated killing of human embryoes is a sin against GOD and that must not become a “right” or be paid for with taxpayer money.  Also, no good thing comes from the killing of innocents. God wrote in stone, “thou shalt not kill” in Exodus 20:13.
When you read my blog at the bloglines’ url given above, you will have to scroll back and forth several times as the wicked disable the page breaks in my bloglines whenever they do not like what I write. The wicked have dozens of ways of harassing the prolifers and I could write a book on that topic alone. I am attesting to the illegal censorship, the tampering of blogs that [write words that] the demoncrats disapprove of, the provocation by the wicked to attempt to drive prolifers and Christians away from the field of journalism and the general aggravation of the Apple Computer that allows hackers from anywhere to be signed on simultaneously with a writer to make changes or delete the blog .  Apple computers should declare itself as a major contributor, and press tool of the Demoncrats so the Republicans do not buy Apple Computers  by mistake,and Apple computers should declare their efforts to censor the words of Republicans also, in the name of a two party system of government supposedly, in the U.S.

Kerry’s fake apology is insulting to Americans

The article in the Yahoo News today about John Kerry removing his foot from his mouth brought to my mind several important facts about John Kerry: 1) his so-called “apology” was a dig at the Republican Party and revealed no remorse or genuine regret over what he said, nor did it reveal that he has any comprenhension of the American public, nor the love of this nation that those who serve have. 2) It revealed his contempt of those whom the democrats have been heard to call “suckers” for serving honorably as protectors of this nation and the allies of this nation, or whom serve willingly as volunteers so that other people in other nations may have liberty of electing their representatives and the liberty of peace in their nation. 3) It reveals the “spoiled rich boy” mindset that the so-called “elite” usually try to hide behind a facade of pretense and propagaganda. 4) It was an “aha moment” when the nation realized that John Kerry would never be Presidential caliber since he has disdain for protecting the innocents and the people who protect them. 5) It revealed what his doctrine about formal education would be and what he promotes–education for his “elites” and “beta” classes of citizens to do what he perceives as “stuck” work. 6) It revealed his stupidity, and his lack of perception of the American people. 7) It revealed what a contemptible man he really is, when he thinks that the U.S. safety of its citizens is not worth fighting for, and when he thinks that those who defend this nation and when called on by this nation to do their part, are “stuck” helping others have liberty. 8) It revealed what liberty means to him and that seems to be the opportunity to stand in a press conference and mock the very foundations of this nation–justice and liberty for all. 9) It revealed the attitude that “educated” people are “too good” to really serve the public in any capacity that puts them in the situation that JESUS advocated when HE said, “greater love hath no man that this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” [John 15:13 King James Holy Bible]. Be revealing that he, John Kerry, has no love for others and no willingness to lay down his life for America, and thinks that those who do, are being punished for not excelling in academia, he reveals that he has no love of GOD and no love of humanity. 10) It reveals that he thinks he, the servant, would be greater than the Master who is JESUS, who did lay down HIS life for all of humanity, to take it again in order to conquer death. A man who has fake religion is worst than worthless but a danger to society, because he does not know what he believes or why. John Kerry did the nation a HUGE favor by opening his mouth candidly and revealing his innermost self, a self that is ugly in character and depraved of Christian love. Should he be forgiven? Perhaps. Should he ever be elected to any office in this nation again? NO!
Need I say it, I despise John Kerry and everything he stands for. He needs to pass from the US Senate and out of the history of this nation and be labeled what he is, — a follower and never a leader of good men. I pray for his soul that he will not burn in hell for the millions of innocents in the womb whom he helped to execute by his do-nothing, speak evil, career in the US Senate.
signed gloria poole [RN]