Protesting fraudulent research and censorship

I am posting this entry here because I am furious about being censored and harassed by both bloglines and tabulas’ blogging systems. This entry started out to be a expose of the fake research at the University of Missouri,where the debate about embryonic stem cells is so hot in the run-up to the election. This posted entry is quoted on the comments section of my tabulas blog at : because it would not post in the “new entry” section after three tries. .So I am posting this entire thing here, to protest censorship of Christians and prolifers by the organizations involved.
[quoting my own words from my tabulas blog:]

This is my third time to write this entry and so if it works, what a miracle. The tabulas program is a very bad blogging system, that works infrequently or else they just don’t like Christians to post content on their blog system, being openly discriminatory against Christians and republican prolifers. Here again, for the third time is what this entry is about. There is an article today in the earthlink news entitled, “Report, Professor’s Reseach Questioned” and I wrote a blog entry today in one of my blogs at  about that news. My blog entry gives medical facts about the developing baby in the womb and why the fake research at Univ of MO was fake.  That earthlink article, written by AP writer, states that the research at the University of Missouri “may not be reliable” that was written up in the Science magazine this past February on human embryonic stem cell research. 
There are several reasons why I write on this subject: the premeditated killing of human embryoes is a sin against GOD and that must not become a “right” or be paid for with taxpayer money.  Also, no good thing comes from the killing of innocents. God wrote in stone, “thou shalt not kill” in Exodus 20:13.
When you read my blog at the bloglines’ url given above, you will have to scroll back and forth several times as the wicked disable the page breaks in my bloglines whenever they do not like what I write. The wicked have dozens of ways of harassing the prolifers and I could write a book on that topic alone. I am attesting to the illegal censorship, the tampering of blogs that [write words that] the demoncrats disapprove of, the provocation by the wicked to attempt to drive prolifers and Christians away from the field of journalism and the general aggravation of the Apple Computer that allows hackers from anywhere to be signed on simultaneously with a writer to make changes or delete the blog .  Apple computers should declare itself as a major contributor, and press tool of the Demoncrats so the Republicans do not buy Apple Computers  by mistake,and Apple computers should declare their efforts to censor the words of Republicans also, in the name of a two party system of government supposedly, in the U.S.


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