Some may be, possibly, could be good news

I read in the news tonight that NYC’s Rudy Giuliani is considering running for President in 08 and has formed an “exploratory committee” under the FEC rules. That might be good news depending upon IF he is prolife. That word “prolife” means that he would sign prolife legislation that is really prolife and not deceptive as was the so-called embryonic stem cell research phony bills that actually cause the deaths of human embryoes. It also means he would actively promote the right to life for all humans including those in the wombs of their mothers. It also means he would not waffle on the subject or use the propaganda slogans of the death-to-the-unborn of the massive lobby of the misnamed ” Planned Parenthood”, the deceptively named “Center for Reproductive Rights”, the Dept of Education, and SIECUS, a huge proabort organization funded by unions. Being prolife means recognizing that all humans are HUMAN from HUMAN parents and must be given the full protection of the US Constitution. Recognizing the medical facts about the preborn/unborn means reading the medical literature and talking to the medical specialists of neonatalogists. Being prolife is as much or more of a committment as being committed to the causes of “all men ought to be free” [ending slavery] and no se*xual trafficking allowed. If the prolifers in the U.S. do not rise up en masse and demand the civil liberties for the preborn then the U.S. will depopulate and implode or be overthrown by its more populous enemies. Don’t be deceived by the falsehoods of the proaborts who make $$$$$$$$$ from the blood, cells, and bodies of human babies. Don’t be fooled by the wicked. Read medical facts and reject fake medical science.