How dare they suggest they usurped the President?

I am writing this because I am mad! I read a few moments ago a news article in the about how the democrats had the unmitigated gall to suppose that they have the authority to instruct the President of the United States in what he may or may not do. On top of that insult with grievous injury to the unborn children, what they suggested he may not do is submit the names of prolifers as Judges. HOW DARE THEY DO SUCH AN EVIL THING?

I am certain that the U.S. is NOT better off with such stupid and wicked people in power as the democrats. Do you want to be in a nation where the wicked make the rules, where killing of innocents is labeled a “right”, where the innocent babies in the womb are slaughtered just as King Herod slaughtered the Jewish babies as recorded in the Bible? I am not one to normally call names and I tried to think if this would be as effective without that word “jerks” and decided it would not be. The appalling fact that they would even suggest to the President that they have usurped his power and authority makes me so furious that I am tempted to think that when the enemies of the US bomb the abortion clinics and the Congress, and the White House and the Supreme Court, some of us may be saying “good riddance”! This country would be better off without such evil people in power. Those who want to kill innocents are NOT going to take over this country! Label me radical if you like, but I am NEVER quitting the prolife battle* and I am NEVER accepting their false doctrine of killing as a “right” as truth, and I will NEVER buy a product from a company that pays for abortions if I know about it ahead of time, and I am NEVER ever, ever, ever, ever, ever agreeing with evil, so help me GOD. If you think I am wrong, then think –think! Was Germany better off with those who said they had the
“right” to kill Jews? Was the U.S. better off with those who said they had the “right” to kill black people [slaves]? Is the U.S. better off with those who say they had the “right” to kill tiny, defenseless human beings [babies] in the wombs of their mothers? IS the U.S. better off with Judges who believe that the killing of innocents is a “right’ with a total and complete disregard of the written laws of the US Constitution and the Amendments? If you do not know the answer to these rhetorical questions, you have lost your soul already, and should repent down on your knees before the Almighty GOD in order not to go to hell.

* a battle of words at this point but the next civil war cause most likely.
signed gloria poole [ RN]