Yahoo censored also, by whom?

It is a real shame and pity that the one place that citizens could quickly comment on the news from the US and the world, {Yahoo Message Boards] has been eliminated by political pressure from the wicked. The BIG BABY-KILLING ORGANIZATIONS no doubt have pulled the puppet strings of H Clinton, T Kennedy, J Kerry, B Boxer, D DeGette, K Salazar, C Schumer, D Pelosi That infamous band of baby-killers do not like for anyone to post messages against them and they use their positions illegally and in violation of the First Amendment, to attempt to block, censor, black-out the words of prolife and Christian citizens. Those puppets who have wooden heads, and stone cold hearts dance when Planned Parenthood tells them too. “The legislators from h@!%” they should be named and Planned Parenthood should be renamed the nations’ “number one killer of citizens”.

The Yahoo Message Boards served the nation well by providing an almost instanteous free Press of sorts for the citizens, something NO OTHER press organization does; but of course,that is probably precisely why the BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT forced them off the web. The true patriots of this nation will probably have to “take up arms” *against the killers of babies since speaking and writing against them is being tightly controlled by the wicked. The so-called Civil War of the 1800’s was precisely about the same cause–are humans OWNED by someone else who has the power of life or death over them? The answer is no in case you cannot reason.

*Taking up arms against the wicked is allowed by the Second Amendment since it gives us citizens the right to defend the innocents. Also the clause in the Declaration of Independence tells us to change the government if it no longer listens to the people/citizens. The citizens of this nation want an end to abortion ! The fact that those who kill and those who profit from killing don’t want a change is NOT what we must heed, as indeed no nation could give Hitler what he wanted either i.e. the complete annihilation of an ethnic group. This posting is not intended to advocate evil nor violence but to assert the idea that in some generations the public is put to the test of how much wickedness it will tolerate before deciding enough is enough? Is a “civil war” the only way to shut down those killing fields called abortuaries,where 60-100 MILLION US citizens have died? I am certainly beginning to think so, unless of course, GOD raises up another nation to do that task for us. Is that the purpose of Iran?