A Better Year Coming??

It is the evening of the New Year’s first day. Some people celebrate that and I have also done that.* This year I am home alone, because my husband is being a reprobate AGAIN and is either out with his bimbo** or his ???? At any rate, he is not here and I am stuck in the snow-bound State of Colorado. You’d think that Colorado would anticipate such storms and be prepared, wouldn’t you? But they don’t seem too. Snow is deep in some places, the airport cancelled 362 flights if I remember the number correctly, the snow ploughs were ambling about at a snail’s pace. If this was Georgia,they’d have the good sense to shut down all business facilities [except hospitals] and tell people to stay home til the storm cleared. Common sense is not common to Colorado, unfortunately. My daddy had one of the keenest senses of good sense of anyone I’ve ever met. He told me once when I was a student nurse and anxious about getting back to school in a storm, that not much was worth dying for, especially the idea of saving myself a catch-up day. Colorado does not honor the people who work during snow storms either. In 2003 when there was 4 feet of snow on the ground and a blizzard, I worked extra at the hospital and they gave me some kind of mention about it; then fired me a couple of weeks later for saying that hospitals should not be in the killing business! Such is life. Praised as being extraordinary and then fired probably happens often in the medico-legal environment of nurses and doctors being expected to kill on demand. [Those who protest as I do, generally get fired and then become unhireable for being “insubordinate” by refusing to participate in killing.]

* My favorite celebration of all time was the Hogmanay Celebration in Scotland. If you have never done that, then please do because it is great. NEVER use mind-altering drugs, legal or otherwise, or booze in your celebrations–they are awful and they are deadly. The Reg Nurse is me is compelled to write that, especially at holidays from having worked the week-ends for students and also in ER’s and having experienced as a nurse-bystander, the trauma and heartache those inflict.
** I have no shame since I am not the one pretending to be unmarried. Let “her” and him be ashamed if she reads this. Adultery is a sin and GOD will punish them; but I am probably getting a divorce this coming year and everyone may as well know some of the reasons for that decision.