Vote NO to HR 3= say NO to killing embryoes

The Republican National Coalition for Life Notes tells us prolifers that the Congress is supposed to be voting on a diabolical bill labeled “HR 3” that is an effort to force US taxpayers to pay for the killing of human embryoes to make the wicked richer. Sticking the label of “research” onto an act of killing of innocents does not undo the sin or the crime against humanity. The Nazi Regime tried that when they did medical experiments on the Jews –experiments that disabled them and killed them in many cases. The mainstream media is beginning to expose the repugnant ties of Nancy Pelosi to the baby-killing establishment of Planned Parenthood, a group of demonic folks that was inappropriately named if ever that happened. Calling what Planned Parenthood does a “charity” or planning parenthood” is morally equivalent to calling what Hitler did, a “charity” or “planned retirement of Jews”! It is abomination! Planned Parenthood is an organization that kills innocent, tiny, defenseless humans in the wombs of their mothers and they are a HUGE lobby in Congress, that rakes in billions of taxpayer money and they are a for-profit [charging fees] yet pay no taxes. They are the worst evil on the planet. Remember what GOD wrote in stone, “thou shalt not kill” [Exodus 20:13] and it is never more true than when discussing the fate of innocents.
Do not be deceived by the agenda of the demoncrats. They have already put “grabit” cookies and “block” cookies on my computer to attempt to stop my words from being published, but they will not succeed. And today the Apple computer company sent a “radaremission” against my computer to jam it. Remember Apple Computer has big in-roads to the US DEPT of Education as it is erroneously named since it does not educate even one child, and it is controlled by their fanatic NEA, a billion dollar lobby in Congress. Read and listen to Judge Dierker, who rightfully calls the ACLU, “the Anti-Christian Litigation Union” and pinpoints the problems with the US Congress and the Supreme Court by naming to shame them as the “cloud cuckooland of radical feminists”. Also, do not be deceived by John McCain. Someone has labeled his so-called “campaign reform” as the McCain Sedition Act that is an attempt to control any words any citizens write that disagree with the agenda of the “elite” * as interpreted loosely to mean those who have been in Congress 30-40 years, dinosaurs of the old regime that FDR tried to push through of BIG HUGE GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF EVERYTHING=socialism.

*There is not supposed to be an elite in Congress. Each Senator and each Representative in Congress is supposed to be equal to every other Senator or Representative. In the true law that is the written US Constitution, a Senator from GA equals a Senator from NY, and a Senator from Nebraska equals a Senator from California, get it? Also true of the US House of Representatives. We as a nation are not supposed to have a “Career- track” Congress where some are “more equal” than others.