Vote NO to embryonic stem cell research

I am writing asking you to pressure in every legal and moral way the US Congress to vote no on the bill numbered HR 3, that is an effort to force US taxpayers to fund the premeditated killing of innocent humans when they are embryoes. If the bill changes names or changes numbers it is still bad public policy. Any public law that has the intended effect of depopulating the nation immediately with few children coming along and from the long-term consequences of rendering a nation-full of propagandized adults consisting of no child-bearing women, and no men responsible enough or willing to be fathers, is a bad law. The bill is intended to be a back-door approach to the legalization of the killing of embryoes which has another name of “abortion”. That bill must be voted against whatever it is called. There is no right way to do the wrong thing and the premeditated killing of innocents is always a sin and a crime against humanity. Remember GOD wrote in stone, “thou shalt not kill’ [Exodus 20:13]. There is never any justification to the killing of innocent humans.
In other issues in Congress, the bill to “reform” ethics so that the US citizens are prohibited from writing their words and opinions whether politically or religiously, is a bad bill. In disguise it was written to assign the label of lobbyists to any citizens who protested or disagree with some in Congress. I write ‘some” because some in Congress know the words of the First Amendment to the US Constitution which makes religious and political speech,whether spoken or written, a protected “right”. Some in Congress do not know it and never adhered to it, and they are obvious by their voting records.
Another issue is the bills, by whatever name the Congress has misappropriated to fool the public, of homosexual so-called rights. That group of citizens has the same First Amendment liberties as all other citizens and that is not many at present and with fewer being the goal, if the radical Press-suppression of the demoncrats succeeds. There is however a moral limitation as their behaviours are defined by GOD as abomination in Leviticus 18:22. It is not ever the duty of any good government to condone,promote, or tolerate sin. It is written, ‘blessed is the nation whose GOD is THE LORD.” [Psalms 33:12, King James Holy Bible]


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