Stop abortion & ESR

I am working always to end the killing of the innocents; and I am writing, and I am painting with oils,acrylics, watercolors, drawing with pen and ink; and I am praying! O LORD GOD, how I am praying that GOD will raise up a standard against the wicked in the US Congress and in the upcoming elections. This nation that writes that it is “one nation under GOD” prompts me to ask, which god do the generators of slogans, PR campaign-makers, and the Treasury Dept mean since what is happening in this nation certainly is not of GOD or instructed by GOD? THE GOD ALMIGHTY does not condone child sacrifice [abortion and embryonic stem cell research] and does not wink-wink at sodomy * and does not tell women to cheat on their husbands or men to cheat on their wives as is so often taught in the U.S.’ school system in the pursuit of self gratification and hedonism. Christians cannot behave as those who don’t know GOD.

THE GOD and there is only ONE GOD**, does not condone killing of innocents for any reason. One of the commandments that GOD wrote in stone, “thou shalt not kill” has not changed since GOD wrote it. The wrangling debates about life have accomplished a nation of guilty and suffering people who seem reluctant to admit that those who aborted killed an innocent person. Some of the prolife groups in an effort to assuage the pain of that dreadful sin have used non-challenging words and avoided the confrontation that must come if sin is to be acknowledged, confessed and dealt with, in a manner of redemption.

This nation collectively has seen the in-utero images of the preborn human beings in the wombs of human women and they know the truth instinctively. The debates are good and they must continue, but are they enough? Isn’t it waaaaaay past time for the US Congress to acknowledge what medical doctors acknowledged centuries ago, and that is that the human being in the womb is alive and growing constantly, and is obviously HUMAN? Isn’t it time for the elected Legislators to do the will of the citizens of this nation and outlaw abortion? Isn’t it time to end the premeditated murders of innocents in the womb? The results of the bad public laws have nearly destroyed this nation as an entity and the people of it; and the nation is a house divided in almost every way.

Millions of women and men have endured the schizophrenia that occurs when the rational mind splits off from the soul. That is what I believe happens to any woman who consents to abortion and to a man who causes or demands the premeditated killing of his seed. Splitting off one’s self from one’s soul and conscience for the sake of $$$$ or education or political “power” or to hold onto a relationship, has devastating effects on one’s ability to love GOD and therefore the self in the GOD-honored and proper way. A lot of people love themselves but in a hedonistic, worldly, materialistic way, with no thought to what is good for anyone else and that is a form of idolatry, putting one’s self above GOD. A baby created in the womb by GOD is the greatest blessing of all to anyone, and that baby forces both the mother and the father to mature, put someone else first and to develop the character and nature of GOD of giving. That characteristic demands humble dependency upon GOD and that seems to be what the selfish men and women cannot bear to think about. Those who abort are attempting to be as GOD; [Genesis ch 3 particularly v 5 but notice that the serpent– the representation of the devil told Eve she could “be as gods” signifying that even he knew the difference in THE GOD and false gods.] This nation cannot endure with a “house divided.” JESUS said, ‘every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.’ [Matthew 12:25]

It is my educated opinion that those who have the ability to reason, would reason that the premeditated murder of innocents for any reason is bad public law, and they would also reason that any public law that has the purpose and the consequences of depopulating the nation is also BAD public law. There is no nation that will continue over the long run if there are no coming generations in sufficient quantities to repopulate constantly. The stupid zero population growth was the worst idea in the history of the human race and it was from the devil. I know it was from the devil because GOD’s commandment to Adam and Eve, the first man and woman was to be fruitful and multiply. [Genesis 1: 27-28] The way to recognize the devil is recognize where oppositon to GOD occurs. If you know the words of GOD, then you know that whomever contradicts those words of GOD is a liar and not from GOD. [John chapter 8:40-47]
Children are blessings

Overturn Roe
It’s about ending abortion

* Leviticus 18;22 is written, to men,”thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination.” King James Holy Bible

*Christians recognize JESUS as the physical, in-the-flesh [incarnate] image of the invisible GOD in heaven, known by The Name of JEHOVAH, to Jews and as Al-Lah to the Muslims [also Alah to Jews I believe as written in Hebrew?? unsure]. Christians and the other monotheistic religions acknowledge that a Messiah, or Mahdi {?? unsure of this in the Arabic nations but I think it is what they call The Messiah they are expecting to return to judge all humans} will reappear on the earth in time and we Christians and they also acknowledge THE HOLY SPIRIT, or “breath of GOD“.
—signed gloria poole pappas, RN