Feminists are THE worst s-e-x-i-s-t-s of all

I am writing again on a topic that GOD has laid on my heart as I pray for wisdom in how to accomphish that commandment of “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” according to the words of JESUS as recorded in Matthew 28:20 of THE KING JAMES HOLY BIBLE. I wrote on this in a different “essay” on one of my blogs at:


and I am tackling the subject again from a different perspective. Feminists as s-e-x-i-s-t-s was first called to my attention when my husband said to me that thirty-somethings hate men as a general rule. I was shocked at first, thinking is that true? Then I considered it, thought on it, researched it some but most of all looked up Scriptures to see what the proper attitude about women toward men should be. I have started a blog on that topic also at: http://blog.gloriapoole-rn.com entitled A Virtuous Woman. Women are supposed to love men according to the Scriptures, and vice versa. Here is an example :

” Let thy fountain be blessed, and rejoice with the wife of thy youth. Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe. * Let her br-e-a-st-s ** satisfy thee at all times ; and be thou ravished always with her love”. [Proverbs 5:18-20. KJV] It is most natural for women to love men and for men to love women and it seems to me that men love with a different pas-si-on because it was given to them by GOD HIMSELF. But women benefit enormously by that kind of love and they begin to relax and really blossom, when they marry a man who loves them like that and then in turn they begin to have the same kind of love also. That kind of love is the true gift of GOD and it leads to wonderful children who learn to love also.

The idea that marriage leads to unhappiness is one of the most common mantras of the so called feminists, who generally believe according to what they spout off, that marriage is a “trap” or “not necessary” or “too expensive” so they chose the s-e-x in the city fornication existence that is like an empty sack from the grocery store, a bitter disappointment. I write again to say that the fact that some women and men say they accept such hogwash, is not an accidental occurrence, but was the result of a planned attack against the ideas of men and women marrying for two reasons: 1) they thought by destroying that concept that it would advance the wicked cause of sod-o-my and 2) they thought it would line the pockets of ab-or-tion-ists and the ngo’s and wicked groups that purvey death-as-commodity [biotech or medical research on aborted babies] or death-as-“right” or death-for-convenience-of-someone-else. Of course the feminists did not realize that there was a hidden agenda as the swallowed the pablum of the radical Femi_Nazis as I call them, because they were taught mantras, slogans to repeat on demand when the right trigger word is heard, sort of like Pavlov’s dogs in that experiment everyone has heard about. If the women had not been taught to hate men then the entire kill-your-baby-in-the-womb evil of abortion would never have gained even so much as an opportunity to become any form of public policy.

A woman knows that having a baby from a man’s sperm whom she loves is a true act of love and probably the most loving act of all, and men also know that! Men inherently know that women who do not want their babies or their sperm are not in love with them. The brainwashing of the women was perhaps the first planned effort by that group from h!$$ that makes billions named Planned Parenthood, to undo the natural inclinations of both men and women. It was done in the same manner and with the same techniques as Goebbels used when he brainwashed Germany en masse to cause them to think that the Jews were the enemies of Germany. He repeated that lie often and with loudspeakers and punished those who did not believe it and caused it to be taught in the government schools. Does not Planned Parenthood do the same thing: repeat lies that directly contradict what GOD said and report them to children as true? Don’t the public schools directly teach an absolute falsehood when they say there is a “right” to abortion since neither the US Congress nor the people of the US ever voted any such [false] right into place? And the US Supreme Court was NEVER authorized to write new laws?

* The Winston’s English dictionary that I often refer too because it has the same language as the King James Holy Bible writes that the word “hind” could mean a “servant” or “the hindermost parts.” I think that is possibly a subtle reference to the married s-e-x; certainly wives are in those categories of a lifetime s-e-x-u-a-l amore type love and also one who oftens waits upon her husband and does his bidding at times and in many ways. The word “roe” in the same dictionary is a small deer or the doe of the red buck deer found in Europe and Asia. If you have never watched a roebuck and a doe and the possessiveness of the roebuck and the leadership of the buck, then you may not understand those meanings. I grew up on a farm and there were opportunities to see deer in their native habitats.

** I hyphenate words for a reason and in this case, it is to retain a good and honorable name and not to cause those in gov’t who watch what others write on the internet and then apply labels to them, to think I am soliciting!