John McCain be 100% prolife!

Sen John McCain, I read in the news that you are running for the President’s position. The preborn citizens of America thank you and so do I. But here’s the thing: you have to be 100% prolife and that means please do NOT vote for the premeditated killing of human embryoes or fetuses for any reason or with any label stuck on that abomination or at any stage of their development or for any political, personal or financial gain. Don’t sell your soul to anybody for any reason. Remember GOD’s commandment is “thou shalt not kill” [Exodus 20:13] and there is a period after that. Thou shalt not kill period.

Remember that in every generation in every country it seems, certain people are called upon to be more than and better than the average; and to embrace a cause bigger than themselves. The fight for the civil liberties of the preborn humans is such a cause and the time is now for all good men and women to take up that banner. The history books in time, will record those who stood firmly on the cause of the right for humans to be born alive and demanded the full protection of the US government and the full faith and credit of the United States on behalf of the tiniest, most defenseless citizens,those in the wombs of women.

I ask you please to be bold and uncompromising on the right to life as defined by the Amendments, particularly the 14th Amendment* and also the Declaration of Independence; and to remember that all humans are persons, and that only persons are human, by definition, possessing human DNA that is unique among all species,and possessing human characteristics and emotions. Babies in the womb leap in response to the mother’s emotions and to loud sounds. Even the tiniest, one cell moves about, ingests nutrition and excretes waste and seeks the other gamete cell.

Please be bold for human life. The preborn humans desperately need men and women who know right from wrong and will defend the right. It has to be unlawful to kill with premeditation an innocent, or else the nation degrades into barbarism.

*Remember in the Roe erroneous decision, one of the Justices said [paraphrased] that IF medical science ever defined a human in the womb as a human person then that human would be automatically covered by the 14th Amendment. Medical Science defined humans in the womb as humans decades ago and there is an entiremedical speciality devoted to the cause of them, neonatalogists.