Congress: vote NO to the killing and maiming of innocents

According to the Life News at, the US Congress is supposed to be voting on whether to allow/condone/encourage/legalize the premeditated killing of innocent human embryoes in the fake name of medical research. Those are my words, Life News didn’t write it that way. The facts are not debatable however so the wicked often attempt to use a “smoke and mirrors’ camouflage to fool the public. That is what the gig of Michael J Fox in the Missouri election last go-round was–a trick intended to deceive Missouri voters. Here’s the thing: the medical facts are that humans are human because they originate from the human sperm that penetrates the human egg. That is called the ‘law of the species.” In other words, humans reproduce humans and not dogs, or cats or mice! Or even tomato plants–humans reproduce themselves as all species do. Furthermore, humans are always human and do not become inanimate objects at some age or depending upon their location or their wealth or lack of, or the presence of or lack of any defining characteristic. Humans have human DNA that is different from any animal and that true scientists distinguish as being unique from any other species on the earth, and that human DNA is possible to detect even if it is mixed with rat’s cells or debris cells, [junk science].

I am sure that any of you who have ever read anything I have written in the past 15 years knows beyond a shadow of doubt that I am OPPOSED to the killing of innocent human embryoes for any reason and I am OPPOSED to the killing of any innocent human of any age, color, ethnic origin, national origin, location, religious belief or in other words for any reason, and that is because I believe in/ live by and adhere to the Commandments of GOD in all instances. Probably some of you also know that I had a defining moment in my own life regarding the Commandments earlier this year, when my husband who said he “didn’t like those rules” of The Commandments, walked out after a year of the County trying to remediate him from law-breaking. What the law could not do, GOD did do with HIS Commandments. Of course, he also gave some other reasons that he was looking for some “justification” for. [For more on this topic read one of my blogs at . However, I have not changed my mind about the value and the necessity of the Commandments. I am more certain than ever that the word of GOD is as a two-edged sword, dividing into two categories, those who love GOD and those who hate GOD, and instanteously! I figure that I don’t need a husband who hates GOD and therefore have made peace with GOD concerning that situation, and decided that what will be, will be in the realm of GOD’s kingdom on the earth, and intend to continue with my work on the prolife cause and on the publishing of the gospel. I have had a lot of “down time” because of the broken ankle I had and the nails in the shape of a cross, that are permanent fixtures in my ankle that was fractured in three places and the long metal plate with six nails to repair the fourth fracture in my fibula, and a residual limp and some other consequences that were the result of my husband’s violating a restraining order against him. The reason I write this is because I intend to overcome and to continue the ministry that GOD has given to me and that is being a spokeswoman for the unborn children who have no voice of their own, in every platform available to me.

I ask you to honor the Commandments of GOD and to believe what GOD said is true all the time. It is written, “for this is the love of GOD, that we keep HIS Commandments and HIS commandments are not grievous.” I John 5:3