Ron Paul what took you so long to declare 100%prolife?

I read an article in the LifeNews today about doctor [as in medical] Ron Paul who is running for President who has decided to be 100% committed to the Prolife cause. That is good news, and I pray it is true. My question is: as a medical doctor, what took you so long to arrive at the decision that protecting innocent humans is the right thing for all medical doctors, for all people, for all governments,and the right thing to enforce as a nation? I have been praying for a bold and an a medically educated person who knows the truth and who will abide by it, live by it, vote by it, teach it, and enforce it to this nation. Is that person you, Ron Paul?

For you readers, I quote for you, his words as also quoted in the LifeNews today:

“Life is sacred. The most obscene thing government could do is to … use your money to commit abortion.”

That is a most profound statement and I think it sums up the beliefs of all bona-fide prolifers. It is written, “thou shalt not kill” and it was written in stone by the hand of GOD HIMSELF in the beginning of time as humans know it. Another Scripture states that GOD changes not and that JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever. Since killing of innocents was always a wrong in GOD’s eyes, how did it become known falsely as a “right’ in the US and when is that abomination going to be corrected? Ron Paul, Congressman Ron Paul, you have learned much and hopefully you have learned the way things are done in Congress in order to bypass Congress’s stubborn refusal to address the issue of the protection of the US government for the preborn humans and address it faithfully and correctly if elected President? You have to apply what you have learned to this battle because it is a battle for the lives of the preborn and for the future of the nation. It is a battle as surely as David took on Goliath thousands of years ago, and it will be won the same way, by the power of GOD and with courageous men who will defy the enemies of GOD, maybe by one man as one man defied Goliath and became KING of the nation.

Namby-pamby, wishy washy men need to move to Siberia, because we don’t need them in this nation any longer.