This is a celebration day!

Yippee Skippee! My small business dsl dedicated line

and ip address is up and working. Also, I tried to

upload one of my paintings’ image to this blog.

 It does not look right in the “upload” and am guessing if

the uploader is not allowing me to upload my own

work’s image. If it looks wrong, don’t despair, I

will edit it.

It seems the proverbial trial and error method is

much necessary for uploading one’s own paintings.

Three tries to upload and rec’d message:

does not meet security guidelines. Go figure!

How does an image of my painting cause problems

with security of the nation? Or of wordpress?

If anyone knows how to do this, [upload a digital

image of my painting from my digital phone] would

you email me at gloria-poole AT earthlink dot net?

 and tell me how. I have tried on several programs

with several methods. I think it involves saving the

image to the removeable drive and then uploading,

but how to get the uploader to work ? There must

be photo programs that do that; and I have

 some of them on my computer but I am

 not familiar enough with them. Any

suggestions? /s/ gloria PS It also won’t allow me to

upload my signature created with computerized

design “paint” program!

Blogs are supposed to be so high tech but some

seem to not be. It could be that some of my art

has been publicly displayed in other states and in

the Eskine Caldwell Museum in Georgia and

the copyright could be the issue. However, I own

the copyright to my paintings and I am allowed to

upload my images of my paintings I created/painted.

I will figure it out in time, no doubt. I have much

work I want to upload so the public may see it.

You may see some of my paintings/ work at : and


signed gloria poole