Thank you Google for adding news to the reader

These are my comments about Google News allowing the AP and other wire services to add news to the google website and I wanted to post them to the google website comments, but an interloper named PCWorld blocked my comments by saying my personal information about myself was “not valid”.IF you figure out how they think they know more about me personally than I do, let me know. I am an absolute authority on myself! I know the facts about myself and I posted my information, but anyway, here are my comments as a thank you to Google and to let the the world know that I love google and their services to the human race and to me personally.

I am thrilled to read this very good news! I love google and all that they do and think it’s about time that the newspapers realized the impact of on line publications and citizen journalism, including on line readers for the news. If the mainstream media/news wants the computerized generations’ attention [no limits to scope or readership, worldwide] then they should post their articles on google. Why wouldn’t they? It makes no sense for them to refuse to acknowledge one of the most powerful communication tools in the world and that is google, inc.
I believe in the freedom of press, speech and religion as perhaps the very essence of liberty. Google,Inc, did something profound for the world when they created “channels” for lack of the precise word, that reach into every nation of the world. I think that if the dissidents of the world realize the pen is mightier than the sword, they would take to the blogs, forums and public debate that exists on the internet, and participate. Writing the logic behind the behaviours of groups is powerful and it is persuasive, and very very much better for everyone than kidnapping! It is a win-win for the world. Thank you google.
/s/ “gloriapoole”