What’s wrong with the McCann scenario?

I read just now in the Yahoo News that Kate McCann of the UK, supposedly a physician, is finally a suspect in the disappearance of her daughter, Madeleine. Well, as a Reg Nurse I have these questions and I would like somebody to ask them of as many people as it takes to get answers:
1) if Kate McCann is a Medical Doctor, did she study pediatrics and if so, where? A medical doctor in training studies the behaviours and human development of those in utero and also toddlers and young children. The news reported that TWO medical doctors left a four year old and two twins ages two years old in a strange place alone. That is child neglect and abuse in almost every civilized nation of the world. And IF that is true, neither of those medical doctors should have licenses to practice anywhere. If they cannot be trusted to do what is right with their own flesh and blood, how could they be trusted with any one else?
2) How were they “frequently checking on” them as they were not physically present in the same building with them according to the news? Did they expect a four year old child to baby-sit twins who were/are two years old? Grown women need help often with twins–they are time-consuming and a handful at times and not because of the twins but because a person cannot be in two places at once. Were the McCanns’ drunk? or drugged or what? There is no plausible explanation to TWO medical doctors [husband and wife per the news] to leave 3 children ages four and two home or in a strange place alone. There is no excuse for that and even an uneducated person would know better.
3) IF that is true, why is just the mother a suspect and not the father? Are not fathers supposed to be the head of households with some authority? Didn’t he have both a fudiciary duty as a medical doctor AND a duty as a father to protect his own flesh and blood? Where was he? He should be also charged with a crime of child abuse and neglect.
4) If they left those children alone ,[ unsupervised,without direct visual supervision] for any period of time, they should both be charged with child abuse and neglect which would prevent them from practicing medicine again, [hopefully since it seems they are not trustworthy]. It is the law in England, the U.S. and most civilized nations.
5) Did they actually expect the two year old twins to stop harm to the four year old? If so, how? By what means did they think that two year olds could protect a four year old? They are all very young children who needed protection themselves. The very idea that medically trained doctors would be so grossly negligent of their own children, calls into question their moral turpitude and their medical training. If they trained in the U.K then the U.K. should seriously question what is taught in medical schools there and what kind of people are accepted into them, to study. If they had so little knowledge of toddlers and young children as to not know that they are curious by nature, climb on things, “test” all matter of materials in their mouths [and are easily poisoned because of that], are prone to accidents [the number one cause of death of children that age I think, according to E.R. statistics], have not the wisdom and years of living to comprehend some things as dangerous, are naive about the world and strangers, and fearful at night. Whether or not Mrs.McCann actively killed Madeleine, she may have done so by neglect and creating a dangerous environment that caused that.
I think the Police in Portugal are doing exactly the right thing regarding Mrs.McCann and should include Mr.McCann as a suspect and investigate more. I think they should pursue the truth with all effort and expense. The nation that does not protect innocent children ages four and two, and those in the womb, cannot be trusted in any matter, because children of that age and development are the true innocents.IF what the news reported about Mr. and Mrs.McCann is true, they should both be charged with child neglect and abuse and contributing to events that led to the disappearance of that child,and their credentials in the UK should be investigated also, because if they had such a wanton disregard for their own children, they should not be trusted with other people or their children either.
signed gloria poole [pappas ] Reg Nurse, licensed in Colorado as gloria poole pappas, RN.