What Legacy is America leaving for the future?

I have written several posts today on several blogs and yet, it is not done yet, not for today. I have much to write, much to say, and thanks be to wordpress that I have this platform to write it! Thank you for the wordpress blogs!

I have read today an article entitled “Prolife Activists Causes a Stir on Campus” and I encourage you to read it also at:


and then cry! When I went to the url’s provided at the bottom of that article for the proof of the image that upset Neal Horseley, college student at the West Georgia College campus, [http:// christiangallery.com and  http://TCRP.us%5D I saw an image that I have seen before on the prolife news sites. That image of that decapitated baby made me sick then and still makes me sick to my stomach! I am appalled that such heinous deeds are being done in the U.S and in any nation. They are horrible, disgusting deeds and the images ought to bother every person deep in their souls, in their consciences if their consciences are not seared from neglect.  Those in this nation or any nation, that believe that such ungodly deeds are legal or moral or a “right” are psychotic or from the very pit of h— itself. There is no such right as the right to kill innocents and there is no such right as the “right” to decapitate nearly-born babies [or anyone for that matter] and there is no such right as the so-called right of a mother to kill her offspring.

Where in The Name of GOD or The Word of GOD {Bible} is there any justification for such evil as is allowed by the U.S. Congress when they sit on their behinds and vote on nonsense issues such as the naming of bridges and ignore the killing centers in America that are abortion killing fields? To call those killing places a “clinic” flies in the face of sanity and morality and is nothing but a lie from the devil. The use of propaganda  supposedly to put a pleasant face on what is without doubt the most ungodly, the most awful, the most heinous crime ever perpetrated against anyone, is a crime in itself. Where is the truth in lending laws regarding what goes on in abortion clinics? Where are the MEN of this nation– hiding behind their mama’s coattails, drugging themselves to death with liquor or illegal substances, and playing the fool?

When America do you intend to stop the Holocaust of Abortion? When, I ask GOD will HE stop the abortion killing fields and put those assassins-of-innocents in the grave that they denied to those whom they killed? In a grave but a criminal’s grave where they belong? When will the premeditated agonizing deaths of the innocents become the front page headlines of what is called the mainstream news? When Saudi Arabia marshalls its power and enormous wealth to avenge the innocents? Then will it matter to the citizens of this nation? then will it matter to the Congress when they don’t get to prance around in front of TV cameras playing the fool while the nation is in shambles? Will it matter to those who taught that abortion was a so-called right when their children are killed by assassins? Will it matter to those wicked when their wickedness comes down around them in shards as bombs fall from the sky on America’s soil, and their dastardly deeds are tried on the world’s stage and their facades are torn away?

Repent America, for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand, the words of JESUS and also of John the Baptist.