Calif: kick out that wicked Barbara Boxer

All you citizens of California, and you prodeathers in Congress too, take notice: do you have any idea how far from the mainstream California is? Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi are radical prodeathers! Why are they representing your State in Congress? Why are they allowed to decide anything for your STATE when they cannot even detect how skewed their so-called “values”, that in reality are from the pit of h—. They believe in the killing of innocent humans with premeditation,and especially believe in that if the humans live in nations other than the US. They are wicked women! Why are they representing the good people of California? Or are there any “good people” in California?

Before you answer these questions, ask yourself if you really believe that the premeditated killing of innocent babies is a “right”. If you cannot answer this then read about the carnage from the Roman Empire in its heydey when Roman soldiers killed all babies under the age of two and when newborns were put outside for the wolves to eat while the Roman soldiers in their armed guard and weaponry patrolled the streets. Ask yourself if any government cannot protect B-A-B-I-E-S then what are they needed for? What do we need a government for, if not to protect innocents? DON’T even try to tell me that the premediated killing and shredding of human babies is a “right” because it is ALWAYS A WRONG ALWAYS A SIN, ALWAYS A GRIEF TO THE MOTHER OF THE DEAD BABY WHO WAS KILLED AND ALWAYS A GRIEVOUS DEED TO THE NATION, WHO SUFFERED THE LOSS ALSO. There is never any justification for the premeditated killing of innocents! There is no government that has more power than GOD. There is no government that can “undo” what GOD has said or what GOD has commanded [Thou shalt not kill, Exodus 20:13] and there is no government that has the power to stop the forces and power of GOD ALMIGHTY.

JESUS said, “repent and be baptized, for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand” and so it is. The nation known as the United States is very divided and it will not stand according to Scripture in Matthew [the house divided scriptures that Abraham Lincoln quoted]. How could any nation long endure that allows the premediated killing of innocent babies in the place where safety should be possible and that is in the womb? Did the ancient Roman civilization endure that? NO it didn’t .The nation of Italy is poor, and its people are poor and much of it is in ruins and most of the citizens have only child, because they think they cannot afford more. They are depopulating big time and fast! And yet, they don’t even know it! They are the “fruit” of the Roman empire –that decadent and depraved civilization that slaughtered human babies to please their Emperor. And you know what? even at present the people of this nation are looking at the images of those massacred infants in this dark time in American history and asking themselves how could people have been so deceived by that wicked enemy of GOD? and how could a nation that began with Christian causes of propagating the gospel have strayed so far from the truth of GOD as to allow and tolerate such evil as abortuaries?

There was a time in history that is recorded in The BIBLE when GOD dropped a plumbline and told the Prophet to tell the people to get on one side or the other either on GOD’s side or the devils’. That time has come again because there is no longer any pretense about what abortion is or the destruction on America and all the other nations that tried to follow the leading of the United States by “legalizing” that abomination. MILLIONS of women and men have suffered and are still suffering the devastating truth that they killed with premeditation their own offspring and they are acknowledging to themselves and hopefully before GOD that it was a terrible mistake, the worst thing that they could have ever done, and they are grieving. It is destroying this nation and every nation that attempted to undo the words/Commandments of GOD; for any reason but especially in an evil effort to make a profit from the killing of humans in the womb. The fake medical research of embryonic stem cell is nothing but an effort by the proaborts to legalize the premeditated killing of innocent human embryoes and it is similar to Hitler’s efforts to make lampshades from the skin of the gassed-to-death-Jews in an effort to assuage the world’s conscience. It is morally depraved and disgusting.

signed gloria poole pappas, [RN] aka gloria poole [RN] in some places and some nations.