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These words are my comments to an article written by Lisa Ryckman of The Rocky Mountain News today, November 24, 2007 entitled, “No Holds Barred Abortion Debate” . Here it is as I originally wrote it but The Rocky Mountain News required it to be a pre-defined length they said. Their censorship device demanded four times that I edit it to a length of “less than 3000 characters” but the wordpress counting mechanism said the entire article was less than 1000 characters. How do you account for the false counting tool of the Rocky Mountain News? I am sure it is censorship in an effort to prevent my criticism of the prodeathers who are has beens politically and are on the wrong side of the issue. There is a link below my words to that article.

Of course, a human being with human DNA and human cells is human and should be defined as “person” and human for the sake of Constitutional protection, both on the federal level, State level,city and local level. The medical professions, particularly obstetrics, and neonatology defined the moment of life as the moment of fertilization long ago. The only reason the Judiciary branches pretended not to know that, is the love of money that The Bible warns against. [I Timothy 6:10 *]

Of course, that only makes the Judiciary branches [US Supreme Court and other courts that refuse to acknowledge the truth] look foolish and out of touch with truth. And it makes clear the fact that propaganda is the tool of the devil still. Those organizations that profit from killing of innocents must use the lies of the devil to deceive because the truth defeats them. If you remember the Biblical account of the fall of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, a/k/a paradise you will remember the serpent that was the vehicle of the devil, whispered to Eve that they could “be as gods” if they defied the word of GOD [Genesis 3:5]. Of course, they were punished by GOD for all time and they set in motion the physical
destruction of death.
Abortion is death to an innocent human being. That is fact, not conjecture and not
political rhetoric. It is also premeditated because the killers have to prepare their
instruments and their “operating room” that is often not much better than a back-office room of the preborn assassin’s work place. There is much testimony that abortionists do not follow standard operating room procedures nor do they have admitting privileges to hospitals for emergency care of the women they butcher. It is also medical fact that millions of women who aborted were rendered sterile and have deep, abiding sorrow and regrets because of that. They thought they could “be as gods” and decide when their children were to be born, by aborting the babies GOD put there, but GOD decided otherwise. Sometimes when you reject the gift
of GOD on HIS timing, there is no second chance.
Please do not even try to tell me that the premeditated, purposeful destruction of
innocent human life is a right, because you would look like a complete fool. It is not a
right but a wrong and everyone with an intact mind and conscience knows that.
If believing that killing of innocents only made you a “fool” [It is written, the fool
hath said in his heart there is no GOD.” it would still be wrong. It makes you evil
to believe that killing of innocents is a right because GOD’s commandment is
“thou shalt not kill” [Exodus 20:13], and JESUS said, “even so it is not the will of your
FATHER which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.” [Matthew 18:14] It makes you even more evil if you have killed an innocent!
This article in the RMN is way past due. It should have been written decades ago, but thankfully it is written now, and GOD willing there are more good people in the U.S. than wicked, and they will know the truth and vote the truth in all elcctions and Legislation. It is the right thing to do to outlaw all abortions as soon as possible.
It is also the right thing for all those millions of women who were deceived by the
money-grubbing assassins of the preborn or their propagandizing machinery to repent and turn away from such evil, for the sake of their relationship to GOD ALMIGHTY, and the peace of their souls.
I write this as a Registered Nurse of many years who worked in Operating Rooms and who experienced attempts by the wicked to deceive me into participating in that heinous crime of assisting assassins of the preborn. I refused to participate or call that a”right” and got fired for it, and then was fired again for protesting with words
the killing of innocents in hospitals, that is supposedly a First Amendment liberty.
I have endured the persecution of those in political circles who did sell their souls to
the devil for what they perceived as “power” in Congress. However, it is written,
“be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” [Galatians 6:7]

Those in this nation who have purposely, year after year, voted to
continue the mass murders of millions of innocents who were created in the womb by GOD,are going to have to face GOD on HIS JUDGEMENT DAY and h— is waiting for them.My daddy would have said, “they’re gonna bust h— wide open.” Those who sat by and did nothing to help the innocents, those who actively shredded and murdered innocents, those women who signed the lives of their innocents away on a deceitful “informed consent”, those accomplices to evil who stood and handed instruments of death, will also have to give an account before GOD.
* I Timothy 6:10 is written, “for the love of money is the root of all evil, which
while some have coveted after they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves
through with many sorrows.”
signed gloria poole {RN} licensed as Gloria Poole Pappas, RN in Colorado.
11:56 AM 11/24/2007

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Also, if you see this blog in a compressed form with most of the page as white space it is an attempt by wordpress to suppress the information and the photos of my blog. I am very controversial because : I am educated and professional, and 2) I am a woman, and 3) I am adamantly opposed to the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb or anywhere, and I am relentless in publishing that fact.