China, Bahrain, Morocco,& Syria, have blog, will write

I like the and their effort to bring together bloggers to tell of the conditions in their nations. Of course, I love the idea that citizens of any nation should be allowed to publish their thoughts, and their religious ideas, and their plans or criticisms of their governments. It is what the First Amendment in the US is all about and every citizen or subject should know the idea. I am including these four here to whet your appetite for reading about other nations by reading what their subjects write about. And of course, to protest the Chinese government for locking up a political dissident/blogger. Read the first entry about that and protest with the rest of us please:

Blogging about Chinese folks being jailed for protesting their government at:…

and a photograph of the Al Fateh Mosque in Bahrain and New Year’s

wishes at this blog:…

And a happy new year message from Morocco and an entry there about a

man taking personal risks to have a free [as in not controlled by the

government] press at:


And a blog from Syria, entitled Bloggers New Year which shows to me

that folks in Syria are a lot like folks in the United States.

6:06 PM 1/5/2008

Remember that blogging is citizen journalism and I think at its best,because there is not a preconceived set of rules to follow as most news agencies have, and there are not commercial interest of those buying ads, to pacify either. The issues that are near and dear to the hearts of the people seem to emerge on blogs and of course, that is precisely why some governments attempt to control them or prevent them. The United States is also censoring bloggers some and I am proof of that. Opposing the democrats or demoncrats as I call them, because their entire platform is in diametrical opposition to the Commandments of GOD, is fraught with risks. There are some candidates running in this election who use their powers wrongly and hack to destroy the computers of those citizens in the US who oppose the political machinery of the baby-killing-establishment in the US Supreme Court and its political arm of Planned Unparenthood. You know the real name is planned parenthood– a name that was devised by the devil himself to deceive millions since they don’t plan for anyone to produce living born alive babies. Planned Unparenthood is bad business,and it should have the RICO provisions aimed right at it and its so-called leaders because it is a violation of every principle of the Anti-racketeering act by profiting off the blood of innocents, by corrupting elections, by buying votes, by using deadly force against innocents in the womb, by killing for profit and power. They are wicked and those people who are their so-called leaders are wicked also. When you see an endorsement by them ,don’t vote for their candidate. Don’t ever vote for those who believe that killing of innocents is a so-called “right”! Vote and speak and write against the wicked.


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  1. Censorship clipped the Syrian blog from this entry, I am sorry to say.
    About the Chinese, Moroccan, Syrian and Bahrain blog, as I was posting this with the cut and paste, the blog for the Syrian blogger vanished! Censorship at work in the United States. Syria is considered not a respectable country by the US and therefore the unauthorized censors built into the software programs just snipped it out of my entry. Proof of censorship right in front of your eyes because it was there in the global voices and in my collection of the four blogs as links. signed gloria poole [RN] of words that WORK LLP.This is my blog and I am adding this comment so that you will know what happened.

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