Complaining about illegal censorship of democrats

I am writing this entry because the Presidential primaries are upon us as a nation and they are important. I have collected the Scriptures that prove that GOD HIMSELF is prolife and I hope they will also persuade you, and I put them in an easily accessible form on my site at:

And I collected the US Constitution, the Amendments to it, and my reasoned arguments as to why abortion violates the Amendments to the Constitution at my site at:
And why I think Hillary should be hanged for crimes against humanity:

And I wrote my complaints about the illegal censorship by the democrats of those who are prolife , Christian and Republican [me] on my sites at: , the link page to protest against Microsoft, and also at
signed gloria poole RN [this is my blog though the wicked have often tried to steal it. I am divorced in Arapahoe County Colorado as of Oct 29,2007 and I resumed my maiden name of Gloria Poole, FYI, but that was always my name on about 80% of my work anyway, and it is my name on this blog also. ]