China: Please release human rights activist Hu Jia

Open Letter to China:
Chinese government, please release human rights activist Hu Jia from arrest or charges against him if his only so-called crime is informing people of what is going on in China. I read about this today in the BBC news at this page:
Chinese officials, your country is thousands of years old annd your people have endured some very hard times, and yet they seem to be loyal to the nation. Why are you intent on harming a person who is actually trying to advance the cause of the Chinese people? There are certain liberties that all people in any nation should have and some of those are the liberty of speech, press and religious worship.

It does not help your international image for you to arrest a person of your own country for reporting the news in a particular area. Or for that matter to arrest journalists from other countries either. The government that cannot stand the light of day, shining on their activities[ what in the US would be called ‘sunshine laws’] is a bad government trying to hide something. Your people are not deceived and neither is the world’s peoples. Please release him and also please release his wife from house arrest.