Hillary’s hackers have not destroyed me !

I am writing this post because in spite of all that has happened, and the illegal censorship of my emails by Hillary’s hackers and the deliberate effort by her team of hackers to destroy my work, it hasn’t happened. GOD is still GOD and HE is on my side of the debate of the prolifers v prodeathers. This past week when I was exercising my civic duty and participating in a grassroots effort to promote the only prolife candidate Mike Huckabee, my emails were deliberately hindered by Microsoft,. My telephone was hindered by the Sprint telephone network, even though I don’t have Sprint service but my isp does and there in was the problem. Microsoft and Sprint are both known contributors to the Number one terrorist of human babies organization named Planned Parenthood. My telephone service was disrupted [of course Hillary’s hackers published their propaganda piece that Blackberry users had an “unknown” outage] for several days and that has happened before. If you believe that humongous lie, about it being an accidental “outage” then you are more naive than the average adult living in the “swampland” of the demoncratically controlled states. I am sure that it was not accidental at all, but deliberate and timed to prevent those with blackberries who are citizens from blogging the Primary races.

As for proof of Hillary’s hackers visit one of my blogs at:


and scroll to the messed up entries where you will see one entry on top of the other one, and see the little red letters “Hillary’s hackers on the job” in the midst of that mess. Her hacking team tried to destroy my blog because I called her a jezebel, the name of a wicked woman in The Bible that urged killing to gain power and property. Isn’t that what Hillary and others who promote the evil of abortion do, i.e. promote the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb, to gain votes= power, that translates into perqs like houses that taxpayers buy in two cities [for her, in The District, and in Westchester County NY] and the abuse of the Patriot Act to get the financial information of her opponents? Oh, note also on that blog entry that was scrambled by Hillary’s hackers it was an entry on my blog that was in my previous married name that is now corrected and you may read more of it here: Gloria Poole, RN, artist, writer, etc,etc,etc

I know that I have not yet endured what Mr Alexandr Solhenitzen of the Gulag Archipelego endured and I pray it does not get that bad in the US, but I think it may. [ I apologize to Mr Solhenitzen if I have misspelled his name.] Nations that reject GOD pay a dear price for that and usually have many long years of suffering and hardship before they come to their senses and repent.

I am experiencing only some of what others who are paid journalists experience. In yesterday’s news, not in the US news, because the US news does not generally care what happens to journalists from other countries unfortunately, but in the BBC news, there was an article about a journalist being shot for reporting the news from his country that was not complimentary to the power that was in office. Being an absolute believer in the First Amendment of the liberty citizens have to speak their mind and publish their thoughts, I keep on blogging and writing, and protesting in every way possible the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb. I am alive still and I give GOD the glory for that. I am able to walk about though with a limp and I give GOD the glory for that also! My second exhusband said if he killed me no one would care and no one would prosecute him. I discovered that is true about him not being prosecuted no matter what he does, because he is a “democrat”–a puppet of those in high places, doing the bidding of the wicked, and “servicing” them the way Monica serviced Bill.

As a citizen journalist in the US I have endured having my blog hacked, my emails prevented, my US mail stolen, my bank account info distributed to those in high places by US postal workers, my dwelling plundered intermittently, two bank accounts closed for surreptious reasons in 2006 [after having written them on Court documents for divorce the way the Court demanded], having the divorce Courts used a method of harassment and denial of my civil liberties to tell what happened or get relief, or get protection from a violent then-husband, and the Courts used to cause HUGE material losses to me. I have also endured political interference into my accounts, the use of Microsoft or may be paid hacker tricks to “switch” things like the current card on file with the expired card on file so that internet accounts were in jeopardy, and to confuse the name of the owner of the computer, by putting it in all capital letters when the name was typed in in lower case, so that mass confusion resulted, and to periodically “shut down” lock down,freeze up my computer when the words I was typing didn’t set well with Hillary’s hackers. And having my blogs “blacked out” for nearly a year at the time, and disabling the stats counter and other various and sundry tricks. And having even my name hijacked by a group of not for profits that considered themselves above the laws of the US.

But I am alive [ haven’t been shot and thank GOD for that!]and I am writing and I am praying that voting people are reading what I am writing. This blog was blocked for a long time because I opposed Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and his 40 year long career of baby-annihilating votes. I want the citizens of this nation to know what is really going on and I want them to vote prolife because it matters. Human life is sacred. Please visit another website of mine with the reasons why abortion violates the Amendments to the US Constitution at:

Vote Prolife, Human Life is Sacred!