Hillary’s hackers on the job today attacking my computer

I was updating my info on my TMobile
journal and my computer was BLASTED with attempts by
cybercriminal to shut it down. The whole browser was
flashing! and the buttons would not work and it was rapid fire like a machine gun attacking my computer ! The bombardment I am sure is from Hillary’s
hackers because I wrote words in that journal that I
oppose those politicans who promote killing and that
would be the demoncrats! My TMobile journal is located at:
>and my TMOBILE fone blog is at;
>Both of these are because of my TMOBILE phone and
account with my number of 720-278-6527. Saving here to document what happened today. The blasting attempt at shutting down my computer also prevented me from
updating the journal “About Me” on my fone blog.
I think that is because my exhusband is trying to slam
my phone and steal it and I have reported that to the
TMobile and on the web also. He should be sent to the
federal penitentiary and GOD willing he will be !
signed gloria poole, RN and artist and owner of this
earthlink acct and this TMOBILE acct of 720-278-6527.

This is the info that I was attempting to add to “About Me” on my journal and fone blog that was censored by the demoncrats:




http://gloriapoole-rn.com, with images of me and my only two children who are now grown daughters whose names are Jennifer and Leigh. I have no sons. That is me in the green dress and also in the purple sweater in those photos. My mother is the woman in the background with the white hair and her name is Mary Jane Poole.





This info is relevant to my TMOBILE foneblog because that foneblog has the digital images of my paintings that I paint that are always decent and for all audiences to view. More of my paintings are on that website.

>Ms Gloria Poole, RN
>PO Box 61513,Denver Colorado 80206; cell phone
(720)2786527 or(720)2312591 [both mine] and my landline
number is
>tel 303-837-1261 extension 2707.
>I also own the Life Media & Publishing LLP, and words
that WORK LLP, and gloriapoole.com works. FYI.
phyical address 980 Grant St #707 Denver Co 80203