Here’s the thing: Will the US have Nazi Medicine?

I wrote this already and that microsoft illegal trick popped up and deleted it so I am rewriting it again. I write this as a Registered Nurse of a long career ,may be raised up for this purpose of raising a banner against medical killing, and I write it as a Christian, opposed to killing because of GOD’s commandment of Thou shalt not kill as written in Exodus 20:13.

The question I am asking is if the US will have that Nazi era so-called medicine that killed those politically unpopular or for their assets, or for no reason at all? Two of my extended family died in those horrible hospice killing organizations this past week, even though I have repeatedly protested to my family that those groups are evil. Hospice organizations are nothing but “legalized” killing centers using morphine, insulin and thyroid medicines to accomplish either fast heart beats or too slow heart beats, or insulin induced coma, or morphine induced respiratory failure. They should be delegalized as they are modern so-called revisions of gas ovens.

Also, I am telling you that no doctor worth his salt and no professional registered nurse worth the salt will participate in or refer for abortions. Those who have a true calling on their lives to help save lives will NOT participate in killing in any way. What is better? To allow medical killling to go on and pretend that if we as a Nation memorialize the dead, and write about them, and put little crosses up for the millions of aborted babies while the killing centers stay open and operate day and evening methodically killing the innocents, is the US any better than Nazi Germany that gassed the Jews in a much more humane way than chopping-slicing-dicing them while alive! Abortion is the most heinous crime against humanity and it is the most cruel. The US Supreme Court would not allow an adult guilty of a heinous crime to be chopped into pieces while alive, citing the prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment of the Constitution. Yet those same wicked “Justices” not only allow that for an entire class of humans –those in the womb–but call it wickedly a “right” when nothing could be further from the truth! There is NO such right as the right to kill innocents. There is NO such right as the right of a mother to annihilate her offspring! And GOD willing there never will be. If those phony Christians and phony Jews and phony Muslims who go along to get along with evil, had the angst they pretend over the medico-legal environment of the US as it exists today,then those killing fields of abortion centers would be shut down immediately and the abortionists-assassins arrested and tried for crimes against humanity and then hung. And those in the US Congress who perpetrated that crime against humanity, and profited from the blood of innocents, and voted to allow it, would also be in prison awaiting trial for crimes against humanity, then tried for the same and then hung also. And those in the US Supreme Court also. And those horrible hospice organizations would also be shut down and their building nailed shut immediately too. They are nothing but the so-called modern version of gas ovens.

Also the Bush Administration, Republican, is trying to prevent the medical doctor’s ngo group from attempting to force prolifers to participate in medical killing. Read the article in the Life News at :

And another thing: here is the way yahoo lists my url that is supposed to be as an effort to hide it from the public;_ylt=AuCzqY7uRTlg…

Why do you suppose that they do that? Because Nancy Pelosi was elected from that liberal baby-killing-state named California and Microsoft is there and they want and buy her “loyalty” and then she pulls strings in Congress to pressure yahoo to sell to Microsoft?

signed gloria poole, RN licensed in State of Colorado