YES, and Thank you South Dakota!

Here is some very good news: South Dakota prolifers have gathered 46,000 signatures on a petition to put on the November ballot a bill outlawing all abortions except in rape or incest. Read the news at:,67931

If that link is not correct it is because of interference illegally into my computer again by government spies and hackers paid by Hillary, which is a fairly common event since I oppose the demoncrats at every opportunity because of their baby-killing agenda for the world. It is in the Prolife News for [ if the link is wrong]. The link was “changed” as I was posting it here. Illegal interference into my computer happens because of words I write like on my journal at for today. I had to write the hosting company and tell them I would sue them for prior restraint of my first Amendment liberties before they would post that entry. I think isps and hosting companies will realize in time that prolifers have the same First Amendment liberties as the wicked do. And if not people like the good people of South Dakota are proving it to them. Thank you South Dakota and GOD bless you! signed gloria poole, RN ;
Here is the content being censored on my journal at http;//
I am writing to remind you that this Presidential Election is very important to the cause of the preborn humans. It is as critical a time as when Hitler was poised to take over the world with his evil but for GOD’s intervention he failed.
The election in the US pits good against evil. Those politicians who say or vote for the premeditated killing of innocents [abortion] as a so-called right when it is clearly a WRONG are not the kind of people who should be running any country. If you doubt that then get your head out of the dirt and study history. Study the evil of the Hitler regime that killed millions and the Khmer Rouge and the Darfur situation and the past history of the US since the illegal and infamous Roe decision that was a total usurpation of power by the US Supreme Court was written as a fake law. Then realize how many millions of US citizens have died since that time from that evil. . When you think recession, think of the Abortion Holocaust that caused it. When you think of how jobs are being exported to the nations where living children are being born, think of how the US is trying to force depopulation of all nations following the devil’s lie of opposing the words of GOD whose Commandment is still “thou shalt not kill.”
Do not vote for anyone ever who believes that killing of one’s own offspring is necessary to gain power. Do not vote for any one ever who believes that killing of innocents is a so-called “right”. Do not vote for any one ever who speaks publicly that the cause of a woman’s misery is her children! Children give meaning and purpose to your life. They give you a reason to live when all seems bad. They give you a future. They give you hope. And they give you joy. I write to you as a woman, mother and grand-mother of fairly young children, that these children [two daughters, and grandchildren]are the defining moments of my life. There is much I have done in the way of career but having children is the smartest decision I ever made. For more on that subject visit, another of my websites at:
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signed gloria poole,RN and artist.