Dems: the handwriting is on the wall! IRS stop Planned Parenthood

I am mad! Today I read in the Life News that Planned Parenthood reached the one billion
dollar profit mark and I am asking why is that killing machinery allowed to have not for
profit status when clearly they are a for profit entity?

I am a Registered Nurse and I worked in inner city hospitals and private hospitals and in
Emergency Rooms and Med-Surg Units, and Clinics, [though not offical abortion clinics–
never would I do that horror!] and I reviewed medical records as a Peer Reviewer
for Ambulatory Surgery facilities,over that 25 year long career. I still have a current
and active Registered Nurse license in the State of Colorado;
though my so-called “work” presently and not for pay because it is a missionary effort
is painting paintings, writing to protest abortion and creating
websites for words that WORK LLP and Life Media & Publishing LLP as the 90 % owner of those
works and the only Registered Agent/Executive of them.And those works are my own works,
created by me for the purpose of protesting abortion and teaching the gospel. That is
relevant because in those 25 years I never directly heard of, or read about, or heard by
hear-say of even one abortion being done for “charity” and they were always paid cash upfront.
Planned Parenthood is a for profit baby-killing industry the same way the gas ovens were
in Nazi Germany, to eradicate those defenseless precious human beings in the wombs of
certain segments of the population considered ‘not fit for life’ as Hitler’s cronies
labeled those whom they destroyed. Furthermore there is no such thing as “charitable”
killing of innocents and GOD willing there never will be. GOD wrote in stone, ‘thou shalt
not kill’ and that is recorded in The Holy Bible in several places and in several ways of wording.

Furthermore, the handwriting is on the wall for America if they do not stop that organized
crime racket of Planned Parenthood. Read the book of Daniel, chapter five for the proof
that GOD does warn before HE destroys a Kingdom [nation] and remove Kings/Leaders from
power. In that chapter the hand of GOD wrote on the wall the message to Bel-shaz-zar because
“he lifted up himself against THE LORD of heaven” to tell him what would happen,
the words “me-ne, mene, te-kel,
U-phar-sin” and it was interpreted to mean: ‘mene” =”GOD hath numbered thy Kingdom and
finished it. “Te-kel”=thou art weighed in the balance of GOD and found wanting; and
“Pe-Res”=thy Kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians”. Daniel 5: 24-28
12:48 PM 5/3/2008