Calif Burning –GOD’s wrath against Parade of Perverts??

I wonder If and when California is ever going to comprehend that GOD is not mocked*? Their Parade of Perverts is scheduled even as 450 miles of the State are burning down! Did GOD destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? YES. Will HE destroy California for the sins of sodomy? YES.
Did HE destroy Louisiana TWICE with flooding for rampant sodomy and parades of perverts scheduled the very week-end of that Katrina flooding and then a second time when the wicked rescheduled their debauchery and bacchus events, to wash away the sin? The word sodomy is of course from the word “Sodom” a city in Abraham’s day of perverseness running rampant so that the wicked even tried to molest/sodomize the Angels of GOD, whom GOD sent as messengers to warn Sodom and Gomorrah of destruction unless they repented. [Read Genesis chapter 19]
California repent before GOD burns your State to the ground! Repent and be baptised for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand, said John the Baptist who announced the coming of JESUS THE MESSIAH.

* Galatians 6:7 is written, ‘be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.” And in Leviticus 18:22 written to men, “thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, it is abomination.” And in verse 27 of Leviticus 18, “for all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled. ” And of course, read the Biblical record of GOD destroying Sodom and Gomorrah for the sins of homosexuality in Genesis 13 and reading all chapters to Genesis 19:24 the words “THE LORD rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from THE LORD out of heaven.” And in verse 28,”and he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah and toward the land of the plain, and beheld, and lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace.” Does that describe California ? YES.


YEA for the FBI! Arresting those who prostitute children

There is an article with a photo with FBI Director Robert Mueller in the Yahoo News today, and I think the photo is from AP wire–not sure about that? Mr Mueller words bear repeating as they are a very good declaration of the mission and purpose of the FBI,. I am glad to read that they arrested 300 + people for crimes against children today Wednesday. I was also glad when they arrested the 400+ for financial fraud last week. Maybe the citizens of this nation will begin to have some confidence in the Law Enforcement units of the US. However in the same news the fact that the US Supreme Court tried to lesson state laws about the punishment of those who rape, molest, sodomize children is not good news, for two reasons.The state Legislatures have all powers not delegated specifically to the Congress and that includes defining crime and punishment in their states, and because if 300 people were arrested then it shows that clearly the lack of punishment in the past, was no deterrent to those evil crimes. In other words, three hundred people thought they would get away with such evil, and therefore the punishments should be greater not lessened. Punishment of crime is supposed to be well, punishment, not a ‘you naughty boy you’ non-event! I am glad the FBI arrested them and I pray that they find every person and punishes every person who rapes, sodomizes, molests, and traffics in children or teenagers or adults for that matter. In order that the US becomes a nation where children are not prey! Nor fodder in a abortionist mill for grinding up in a phony research lab.
5:23 PM 6/25/2008

[quoting that article:]
We together have no higher calling than to protect our children and
to safeguard their innocence,” FBI Director Robert Mueller said
Wednesday. “Yet the sex trafficking of children remains
one of the most violent and unforgivable crimes in this country.”
Read whole article at this link :;_ylt=…

/s/ gloria

News agencies and world, I tried to send this from my email I have had for ten years of but Yahoo blocked it from sending MY mail. They and Microsoft demoncrats try to prevent me from contacting journalists and news agencies and go waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of their way to hinder my work. Did I mention that I PAY for the mail-plus program [ for years] and still they illegally exercise that prior restraint of free speech/ censorship of my mail? Maybe if Yahoo honored their agreements to provide services that their customers pay for they would not be having to fend off takeover by demoncrats! Anyway, I am posting it here to tell the world that I think I may have photographed an alien spaceship with my camera. Read the words and visit the url given for my websites and see for yourself.

Here is the message that Yahoo censored from my email . Not to worry, my images are ALWAYS decent.

News Agencies and newspapers:…

Please look at this photo I took last evening and also the other one
a few seconds apart and see what the purple image in the middle of
the sun is? The purple thing was not visible to my ‘naked’ eye in the
sky but there it is on the digital image! I saw it when I uploaded the image to my website at Look at it there and also look at the second one that I took at about the same time. I add a name to each and often put the time of the photo since I am doing a sky/sunset study for a painting I am planning, and thinking on; and you could see all of the sunset/sky scenes at [or the word may be study there.]

I photograph scenes of nature for the public to enjoy; and I also paint paintings and upload them also to my site at FYI. In the second photo of the sky that I photographed at the same time there is a little dot sort of there in the lower right corner. I did that photo first if i remember correctly last evening from my window –look at time sequence on long file name. Then I changed my position slightly and took another photo and saved them til this morning to upload them to my site. When I saw the purple thing there, I made a new subdomain site to put that photo on for it is very unusual. Please tell me what you think that is in the middle of the sun on
that photo? I do not know ??Alien spaceship?? Is that possible?

Also in those photos you will see another time that an image on
camera showed up that did not appear to my ‘naked’ eye. The two
images of my signature in red show an unusual phenomenon also.
I have complained often about censorship of my words. That day
of the signature thing, I had created a signature file of my name
Gloria in red script letters on the computer into a file,but when
I tried to upload it , it was blocked from uploading. I decided that
I would try a different method and photograph my computer screen
and I did. The black bars showed up on the image attempting to cover
up my signature [name] and to prevent me from uploading to MY
website of my name. My real name is Gloria Poole.
The black bars showed up on the camera image but not to the
naked eye on the computer. Is is bizarre and I uploaded both images
to that photography site too, as documentation. FYI.
Please comment if you know what the purple thing is?

url address:…

/s/ gloria poole, RN and artist, a/k/a ‘gloriapoole’ on the web.
11:08 AM 6/21/2008

Did you see what I saw today?

I am shocked in a way to see that Obama was shown “Politics Live” standing in front of what appears to be a Microsoft Vista window! I know and so do most prolifers that Bill Gates is a BIG time donor to the dems, and that he uses his Microsoft ‘platform’ to try to control, manipulate, and censor any words that do not cater and bow down to the dems. However, there are rules about federal campaigns in the Federal Election Commission that regulate who and how donations are made and in what quantities when a candidate for federal office is running. Tell me how Bill Gates gets away with putting a Windows Vista background behind Obama ? Where is the FEC? Where is the truth in federal campaigns laws? Is that not a deliberate if camouflaged effort to underwrite Obama ? And should not it say sponsored by Microsoft and / or Bill Gates on that trademarked background? Subterfuge is the name of the game with the dems, as we all know.

Also I knew that my windows Vista program was not working properly for months and wrote much about that on a website of mine at and click the links to the Microsoft pages there to read more. I had to finally disable the Vista altogether because it had a security hole [on purpose no doubt since I am republican and prolife, Christian woman who is also an artist and RN] as big as the state of California!

signed gloria poole, RN and artist. Denver Colorado 80203

Letter to Stanley Fish: the US is a republic

I read the NY Times today on line and I often do that, and the article that has infuriated me is the propaganda piece written by Stanley Fish attempting to justify the wicked dems, and pretending to be unbiased! Liar!

Sir, if indeed you are an ‘educated man’ then you must know these words in the US Constitution:

Re: a republican form of government guaranteed by the US Constitution in Article IV entitled “The States”, and
quoting the US Constitution Article IV,”Section 4 – Republican government

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a
Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them
against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the
Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened)
against domestic Violence.”

And you must also know that the Section 8 of the same US Constitution defines the duties of the Congress. Sir, if you don’t know the actual words of the US Constitution then you should read them before you go on the web to tell the world that the moral and political duty of Universities is to teach democratic false doctrine. The US is supposed to be a republic. If you don’t understand the differences, being more educated than I am, then I would like to explain them the way they were explained to me by a Law Professor at the University of GA when I studied the US Constitution in political science there. A “democracy” is based upon no written law but make it up as you go along, and it is decided by the ignorant masses as well as the educated, but does not acknowledge private citizenship but mass-theory approach to government. A republic is based upon a voted upon by the people in an fair election based upon a written set of documents decided ahead of time to establish the laws of the land so that every one knows what they are. A ‘democracy” has an attitude that all property belongs to all people and that there is no such immoral deed as ‘stealing” or “theft” because all belongs to anybody for the taking, whereas a republic respects and honors privately owned property and the right to do so, and the right to have that property protected by the Courts. A “democracy” is based upon numbers and not right or wrong based upon GOD’s moral codes [the Commandments.] In GOD’s laws right is right even if only person accepts that truth [think of Moses, and Abraham in the Old Testament examples of following GOD]; whereas a democracy says if the so-called majority* votes for evil then evil is the so-called “law of the land”. The republican form of government as defined by the US Constitution defines the Powers of Congress and the Executive and the Judicial branches of the federal government reserving for the States those powers not specifically delegated to Congress. In other words, the federal government is not supposed to be a behomoth government machinery rolling over every protestor! The US Constitution and the Amendments are the written laws the US Congress and the US Supreme Court and the Executive {President} are supposed to be adhering too**, not what the democratic/socialist agenda is, nor the communist party agenda, nor the “feminists” nor the “African-Americans” [who are they? most are Americans, never having lived in Africa], nor the “hispanic” nor the Haitian, or Guamese or other groups that are NOT states of the US, nor are they territories. If the US is splintered into these groups then indeed we are not a “united” nation at all, but a multi-faction set of groups intended on what best suits their purpose and not what is best for the nation [continuity, longevity, prosperity, abundant life as JESUS defined it]. A democracy [read socialist form of government] believes and seeks to accomplish the reduction of the so-called “masses” because they know they cannot give everyone a “piece of the pie” of their false promises;whereas a republic thinks and seeks to accomplish allowing humans to be born alive and reproduce themselves, believing that it is human goals,aspirations, achievements, and taking responsibility for their families that equals greatness and drives the economy. The democratic-socialist party believes the answer to every problem is government but the republicans believe that the answer to most problems are within the family unit of men taking care of their wives and children, and States taking care that families are not destroyed or exploited. There is an entirely different approach to the two distinct forms of government but the differences are often blurred by the mainstream media on purpose. Why do you do that? Ask yourself what you expect to gain by educating in lies? The US is not a democracy! If you want to see how democracies turn out,study Nazi Germany, and Greece. They are both extinct societies for all purposes. Nazi Germany was soundly defeated by a republican form of government that did not believe that government has the authority to exterminate whole classes of people. The slaves were freed by a Republican. The nation of Greece would not survive except for international ‘aid ‘ from the US in the billions of dollars. They believe in democracy still and their country has suffered enormously because of it. Look at the socialist nation of Italy, -impoverished, defunct, barren, with decaying structures everywhere. JESUS said, you will know them by their fruits. Study the differences before you tell the world a pack of lies about the moral duty of Universities to brainwash its citizens.

The written laws of the United States are an easy read and you may read them online by searching google. Section 8 of the US Constitution regarding the Powers of Congress may be found at;

* The electronic voting machines, hacking into computers that control the electronic voting machines, manipulating and controlling who has liberties of the First Amendment [the dems think only paid and perqed government indoctrinated ‘journalists do] and ignoring those who oppose the dems is the modus operandi to try to make sure the dems get a “majority” win, but GOD is still GOD, thankfully!

** There is a clause that says the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and any State law contradicting that is “notwithstanding” I believe is the wording. Look at that clause too when you read teh written public agreed upon and ratified by the people of the United States law=US Constitution.

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, and angry white christian republican woman who hates demoncrats and their lies and treachery and con-games! And especially hates women who sell out their most basic function of child-bearing and raising moral children.

Still In Colorado and still protesting abortion evil.

I am still in Colorado and still protesting evil. I have to write
this twice because Yahoo deleted the first time, but I am not letting
that deter me from the truth. Yahoo has that fake thing that logs you
out of your journal if you write protesting the demoncrats or
the demoncrats-catholics; and then when you log back in what you adding
was guess what? not there! Isn’t that why big-demoncrat-contributor Bill
Gates wanted to buy Yahoo–to control the Republicans? But I am not quitting and I am posting this
because it is relevant to the world the US citizens live and the
Presidential election.

The demoncrats have tried to kill me, starve me,impoverish me, persecute
me, steal my US mail,and my identity,hack different four computers of mine,
abuse the Patriot Act to snoop in my confidential mail, [like bank
statements*] and now they have devised a new method of trying to get
rid of me. They have tried to jack my rent up by $348 with a fifteen
day notice, to make sure
[they think] that I won’t have the money to pay for internet services;
but they are wrong, because I will continue and GOD will provide for
me to continue because GOD always wins. If you want to read more about
this whole fiasco of my six years in Colorado and having had the
unfortunate experience of enduring a second marriage to a violent,
coc-aine-whacked, heathen, terrorist who also happens to be a catholic
demoncrat, then read my pages at

There is a conspiracy in corrupt, catholic Colorado run by the catholic
church that is a false religion of deceived people who bow down to
things[dolls] made with human equipment, pray to the dead [Mary and
and Paul cult], recite the repetitious prayers of the heathen as
JESUS called them, and pay their bribes oops ‘indulgences’ to sodomite
so-called priests, kill the innocents in the womb for money and power,
and then continue sinning. JESUS said they are “whitewashed tombs full
of dead men’s bones”. And they abuse the powers gained by fraud and
corruption by snooping into bank accounts, stealing the US mail,
“redirecting emails” to the US Congress’ Representative that evil woman
Jezebel whose name is D DeGette and that more evil so-called Senator H Clinton, who has
not be at work in two years time. What private job could you do and
not show up for two years and “delegate” all your work to those who have
no legal authority to do it? [Aside, the US Constitution should be changed
to protect the innocents in the womb, and prevent so-called active
senators and Representatives from seeking a better job on the taxpayer’s dime.]

Also, remember that the Governor of Colorado is catholic and so are many
of those in power in this state. Colorado is also trying to force me to
flee because they owe me Victim’s Compensation money big time, but of
course need I say it, the victim’s comp fund is the governor’s slush
fund for buying power and votes, not for the use of victims injured
in the State of Colorado. Neither Denver nor Arapahoe County would
enforce the state laws to protect me from a felon,coc-aine-whacked,
coc-aine induced psychopath,heathen terrorist who was my second husband
at the time.[Divorced from him now and thank GOD!] There was a Judge’s order
for the State’s Mandatory Protection Act for me to be in place with mandatory enforcement from May 2006 until
May 2008,but they would not enforce it. Consequently, I suffered a serious,
crippling injury that is permanent because they did not consider
me a Christian, prolifer, Republican worthy to be safe in Colorado.They
did not restrain evil** because it served the purposes of the demoncrats.
The demoncrats a/k/a democrats are the opposite of the JESUS’s words.
JESUS said, “even so it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven
that one of these little ones should perish.” [Matthew 18:14] but the
wicked fake priest in Colorado said to the Denver Post that he did not
want to take a stand against abortion. JESUS said,’the thief, [the enemy
of GOD=demons=demoncrats] cometh not but for to steal and to kill,and
to destroy but I AM come that they might have life and have it more
abundantly.” [John 10:10, King James Holy Bible, but I added the words
brackets, obviously.].
The demoncrats vote to kill innocents in the womb, [abortion] and they
vote to “legalize” sodomy to allow brainwashing into evil in the public\
schools, and they make their millions on the blood of innocents, and
they worship/pray too the dead; and they are without consciences as far
as I could discern from four years married to a “catholic” man. They steal,
loot, lie, trick, manipulate the written laws, abuse power and people,
take bribes, kill the innocents and they do all those things while proudly
wearing robes that are intended to convey the idea of purity and righteousness!
They profane the very NAME of GOD with what they do and they give
lip service to truth and righteousness as GOD defines it. They attempt to
defy even JESUS by calling their phony leaders “father” when JESUS said
to call no man on the earth your father. [see Matthew 23:9]. They mock
JESUS! And totally ignore THE LIVING GOD who is in heaven, and who
is Spirit, and who is the real FATHER GOD, and HIS Commandments.
I am not quitting, and the devil is not winning. JESUS says HE OVERCOMES.
[see John 16:33, and Revelations 17:14, and I John 2:13.14,KJV]

* They had a hard copy of all deposits into my bank account and I demanded
to see it, so I am certain that also have a copy of my withdrawals also,
since the US post office in Colorado is run by the catholic church, it
** My exhusband is evil because according to his lawyer his first
arrest for domestic violence was against his first wife, about 20 years ago;
and he has a criminal record that shocked me, but after he was arrested in 2003.
I did not see it or know about it before I married him obviously. GOD is good and that demon is
gone from my life now. He has a pattern of law-breaking and evil but it
seems he is at liberty because he is the ???? of the catholic sodomite preist
in Denver, who assigned his punishment of “having dinner ” with the
catholic “supervisor” of his so-called “community service” that was supposed
to be punishment for his arrest for domestic violence against me, in 2003.
signed gloria poole, RN of Denver Colorado 80203.

Today’s date is Sunday, June 15,2008.

Hillary’s hackers on the job in Houston TX ???

Today I read about the servers for a major hosting company experiencing an electrical short and explosion. I would guess that was no accident and that it had something to do with Killer Kennedy and/ or Corrupt Clinton. Killer Kennedy you know from his forty year long debaucle of killing innocents in the womb via his consistently prodeath voting record in the US Senate. And H Clinton, well you know that jezebel! She would sell her soul to the devil for power. Read about the Jezebel in the Bible what she did to get power. But you know what?: The Republicans are going to win the Presidential Election and praise GOD for that!

I am well familiar with Hillary’s hackers as she has caused my websites to be hacked and nearly destroyed 2 years in a row for certain and possibly a third year in 2006. She is a ruthless woman and a power-hungry Jezebel. All you who believe in the LIVING LORD JESUS vote against her and also vote against Obama too, who thinks that religion and politics don’t mix. He is clearly wearing his phony religion on his sleeve for the world to see.