Hillary’s hackers on the job in Houston TX ???

Today I read about the servers for a major hosting company experiencing an electrical short and explosion. I would guess that was no accident and that it had something to do with Killer Kennedy and/ or Corrupt Clinton. Killer Kennedy you know from his forty year long debaucle of killing innocents in the womb via his consistently prodeath voting record in the US Senate. And H Clinton, well you know that jezebel! She would sell her soul to the devil for power. Read about the Jezebel in the Bible what she did to get power. But you know what?: The Republicans are going to win the Presidential Election and praise GOD for that!

I am well familiar with Hillary’s hackers as she has caused my websites to be hacked and nearly destroyed 2 years in a row for certain and possibly a third year in 2006. She is a ruthless woman and a power-hungry Jezebel. All you who believe in the LIVING LORD JESUS vote against her and also vote against Obama too, who thinks that religion and politics don’t mix. He is clearly wearing his phony religion on his sleeve for the world to see.