Still In Colorado and still protesting abortion evil.

I am still in Colorado and still protesting evil. I have to write
this twice because Yahoo deleted the first time, but I am not letting
that deter me from the truth. Yahoo has that fake thing that logs you
out of your journal if you write protesting the demoncrats or
the demoncrats-catholics; and then when you log back in what you adding
was guess what? not there! Isn’t that why big-demoncrat-contributor Bill
Gates wanted to buy Yahoo–to control the Republicans? But I am not quitting and I am posting this
because it is relevant to the world the US citizens live and the
Presidential election.

The demoncrats have tried to kill me, starve me,impoverish me, persecute
me, steal my US mail,and my identity,hack different four computers of mine,
abuse the Patriot Act to snoop in my confidential mail, [like bank
statements*] and now they have devised a new method of trying to get
rid of me. They have tried to jack my rent up by $348 with a fifteen
day notice, to make sure
[they think] that I won’t have the money to pay for internet services;
but they are wrong, because I will continue and GOD will provide for
me to continue because GOD always wins. If you want to read more about
this whole fiasco of my six years in Colorado and having had the
unfortunate experience of enduring a second marriage to a violent,
coc-aine-whacked, heathen, terrorist who also happens to be a catholic
demoncrat, then read my pages at

There is a conspiracy in corrupt, catholic Colorado run by the catholic
church that is a false religion of deceived people who bow down to
things[dolls] made with human equipment, pray to the dead [Mary and
and Paul cult], recite the repetitious prayers of the heathen as
JESUS called them, and pay their bribes oops ‘indulgences’ to sodomite
so-called priests, kill the innocents in the womb for money and power,
and then continue sinning. JESUS said they are “whitewashed tombs full
of dead men’s bones”. And they abuse the powers gained by fraud and
corruption by snooping into bank accounts, stealing the US mail,
“redirecting emails” to the US Congress’ Representative that evil woman
Jezebel whose name is D DeGette and that more evil so-called Senator H Clinton, who has
not be at work in two years time. What private job could you do and
not show up for two years and “delegate” all your work to those who have
no legal authority to do it? [Aside, the US Constitution should be changed
to protect the innocents in the womb, and prevent so-called active
senators and Representatives from seeking a better job on the taxpayer’s dime.]

Also, remember that the Governor of Colorado is catholic and so are many
of those in power in this state. Colorado is also trying to force me to
flee because they owe me Victim’s Compensation money big time, but of
course need I say it, the victim’s comp fund is the governor’s slush
fund for buying power and votes, not for the use of victims injured
in the State of Colorado. Neither Denver nor Arapahoe County would
enforce the state laws to protect me from a felon,coc-aine-whacked,
coc-aine induced psychopath,heathen terrorist who was my second husband
at the time.[Divorced from him now and thank GOD!] There was a Judge’s order
for the State’s Mandatory Protection Act for me to be in place with mandatory enforcement from May 2006 until
May 2008,but they would not enforce it. Consequently, I suffered a serious,
crippling injury that is permanent because they did not consider
me a Christian, prolifer, Republican worthy to be safe in Colorado.They
did not restrain evil** because it served the purposes of the demoncrats.
The demoncrats a/k/a democrats are the opposite of the JESUS’s words.
JESUS said, “even so it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven
that one of these little ones should perish.” [Matthew 18:14] but the
wicked fake priest in Colorado said to the Denver Post that he did not
want to take a stand against abortion. JESUS said,’the thief, [the enemy
of GOD=demons=demoncrats] cometh not but for to steal and to kill,and
to destroy but I AM come that they might have life and have it more
abundantly.” [John 10:10, King James Holy Bible, but I added the words
brackets, obviously.].
The demoncrats vote to kill innocents in the womb, [abortion] and they
vote to “legalize” sodomy to allow brainwashing into evil in the public\
schools, and they make their millions on the blood of innocents, and
they worship/pray too the dead; and they are without consciences as far
as I could discern from four years married to a “catholic” man. They steal,
loot, lie, trick, manipulate the written laws, abuse power and people,
take bribes, kill the innocents and they do all those things while proudly
wearing robes that are intended to convey the idea of purity and righteousness!
They profane the very NAME of GOD with what they do and they give
lip service to truth and righteousness as GOD defines it. They attempt to
defy even JESUS by calling their phony leaders “father” when JESUS said
to call no man on the earth your father. [see Matthew 23:9]. They mock
JESUS! And totally ignore THE LIVING GOD who is in heaven, and who
is Spirit, and who is the real FATHER GOD, and HIS Commandments.
I am not quitting, and the devil is not winning. JESUS says HE OVERCOMES.
[see John 16:33, and Revelations 17:14, and I John 2:13.14,KJV]

* They had a hard copy of all deposits into my bank account and I demanded
to see it, so I am certain that also have a copy of my withdrawals also,
since the US post office in Colorado is run by the catholic church, it
** My exhusband is evil because according to his lawyer his first
arrest for domestic violence was against his first wife, about 20 years ago;
and he has a criminal record that shocked me, but after he was arrested in 2003.
I did not see it or know about it before I married him obviously. GOD is good and that demon is
gone from my life now. He has a pattern of law-breaking and evil but it
seems he is at liberty because he is the ???? of the catholic sodomite preist
in Denver, who assigned his punishment of “having dinner ” with the
catholic “supervisor” of his so-called “community service” that was supposed
to be punishment for his arrest for domestic violence against me, in 2003.
signed gloria poole, RN of Denver Colorado 80203.

Today’s date is Sunday, June 15,2008.