Letter to Stanley Fish: the US is a republic

I read the NY Times today on line and I often do that, and the article that has infuriated me is the propaganda piece written by Stanley Fish attempting to justify the wicked dems, and pretending to be unbiased! Liar!

Sir, if indeed you are an ‘educated man’ then you must know these words in the US Constitution:

Re: a republican form of government guaranteed by the US Constitution in Article IV entitled “The States”, and
quoting the US Constitution Article IV,”Section 4 – Republican government

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a
Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them
against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the
Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened)
against domestic Violence.”

And you must also know that the Section 8 of the same US Constitution defines the duties of the Congress. Sir, if you don’t know the actual words of the US Constitution then you should read them before you go on the web to tell the world that the moral and political duty of Universities is to teach democratic false doctrine. The US is supposed to be a republic. If you don’t understand the differences, being more educated than I am, then I would like to explain them the way they were explained to me by a Law Professor at the University of GA when I studied the US Constitution in political science there. A “democracy” is based upon no written law but make it up as you go along, and it is decided by the ignorant masses as well as the educated, but does not acknowledge private citizenship but mass-theory approach to government. A republic is based upon a voted upon by the people in an fair election based upon a written set of documents decided ahead of time to establish the laws of the land so that every one knows what they are. A ‘democracy” has an attitude that all property belongs to all people and that there is no such immoral deed as ‘stealing” or “theft” because all belongs to anybody for the taking, whereas a republic respects and honors privately owned property and the right to do so, and the right to have that property protected by the Courts. A “democracy” is based upon numbers and not right or wrong based upon GOD’s moral codes [the Commandments.] In GOD’s laws right is right even if only person accepts that truth [think of Moses, and Abraham in the Old Testament examples of following GOD]; whereas a democracy says if the so-called majority* votes for evil then evil is the so-called “law of the land”. The republican form of government as defined by the US Constitution defines the Powers of Congress and the Executive and the Judicial branches of the federal government reserving for the States those powers not specifically delegated to Congress. In other words, the federal government is not supposed to be a behomoth government machinery rolling over every protestor! The US Constitution and the Amendments are the written laws the US Congress and the US Supreme Court and the Executive {President} are supposed to be adhering too**, not what the democratic/socialist agenda is, nor the communist party agenda, nor the “feminists” nor the “African-Americans” [who are they? most are Americans, never having lived in Africa], nor the “hispanic” nor the Haitian, or Guamese or other groups that are NOT states of the US, nor are they territories. If the US is splintered into these groups then indeed we are not a “united” nation at all, but a multi-faction set of groups intended on what best suits their purpose and not what is best for the nation [continuity, longevity, prosperity, abundant life as JESUS defined it]. A democracy [read socialist form of government] believes and seeks to accomplish the reduction of the so-called “masses” because they know they cannot give everyone a “piece of the pie” of their false promises;whereas a republic thinks and seeks to accomplish allowing humans to be born alive and reproduce themselves, believing that it is human goals,aspirations, achievements, and taking responsibility for their families that equals greatness and drives the economy. The democratic-socialist party believes the answer to every problem is government but the republicans believe that the answer to most problems are within the family unit of men taking care of their wives and children, and States taking care that families are not destroyed or exploited. There is an entirely different approach to the two distinct forms of government but the differences are often blurred by the mainstream media on purpose. Why do you do that? Ask yourself what you expect to gain by educating in lies? The US is not a democracy! If you want to see how democracies turn out,study Nazi Germany, and Greece. They are both extinct societies for all purposes. Nazi Germany was soundly defeated by a republican form of government that did not believe that government has the authority to exterminate whole classes of people. The slaves were freed by a Republican. The nation of Greece would not survive except for international ‘aid ‘ from the US in the billions of dollars. They believe in democracy still and their country has suffered enormously because of it. Look at the socialist nation of Italy, -impoverished, defunct, barren, with decaying structures everywhere. JESUS said, you will know them by their fruits. Study the differences before you tell the world a pack of lies about the moral duty of Universities to brainwash its citizens.

The written laws of the United States are an easy read and you may read them online by searching google. Section 8 of the US Constitution regarding the Powers of Congress may be found at;


* The electronic voting machines, hacking into computers that control the electronic voting machines, manipulating and controlling who has liberties of the First Amendment [the dems think only paid and perqed government indoctrinated ‘journalists do] and ignoring those who oppose the dems is the modus operandi to try to make sure the dems get a “majority” win, but GOD is still GOD, thankfully!

** There is a clause that says the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and any State law contradicting that is “notwithstanding” I believe is the wording. Look at that clause too when you read teh written public agreed upon and ratified by the people of the United States law=US Constitution.

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, and angry white christian republican woman who hates demoncrats and their lies and treachery and con-games! And especially hates women who sell out their most basic function of child-bearing and raising moral children.