Did you see what I saw today?

I am shocked in a way to see that Obama was shown “Politics Live” standing in front of what appears to be a Microsoft Vista window! I know and so do most prolifers that Bill Gates is a BIG time donor to the dems, and that he uses his Microsoft ‘platform’ to try to control, manipulate, and censor any words that do not cater and bow down to the dems. However, there are rules about federal campaigns in the Federal Election Commission that regulate who and how donations are made and in what quantities when a candidate for federal office is running. Tell me how Bill Gates gets away with putting a Windows Vista background behind Obama ? Where is the FEC? Where is the truth in federal campaigns laws? Is that not a deliberate if camouflaged effort to underwrite Obama ? And should not it say sponsored by Microsoft and / or Bill Gates on that trademarked background? Subterfuge is the name of the game with the dems, as we all know.

Also I knew that my windows Vista program was not working properly for months and wrote much about that on a website of mine at http://Life.tv.googlepages.com and click the links to the Microsoft pages there to read more. I had to finally disable the Vista altogether because it had a security hole [on purpose no doubt since I am republican and prolife, Christian woman who is also an artist and RN] as big as the state of California!

signed gloria poole, RN and artist. Denver Colorado 80203