News agencies and world, I tried to send this from my email I have had for ten years of but Yahoo blocked it from sending MY mail. They and Microsoft demoncrats try to prevent me from contacting journalists and news agencies and go waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of their way to hinder my work. Did I mention that I PAY for the mail-plus program [ for years] and still they illegally exercise that prior restraint of free speech/ censorship of my mail? Maybe if Yahoo honored their agreements to provide services that their customers pay for they would not be having to fend off takeover by demoncrats! Anyway, I am posting it here to tell the world that I think I may have photographed an alien spaceship with my camera. Read the words and visit the url given for my websites and see for yourself.

Here is the message that Yahoo censored from my email . Not to worry, my images are ALWAYS decent.

News Agencies and newspapers:…

Please look at this photo I took last evening and also the other one
a few seconds apart and see what the purple image in the middle of
the sun is? The purple thing was not visible to my ‘naked’ eye in the
sky but there it is on the digital image! I saw it when I uploaded the image to my website at Look at it there and also look at the second one that I took at about the same time. I add a name to each and often put the time of the photo since I am doing a sky/sunset study for a painting I am planning, and thinking on; and you could see all of the sunset/sky scenes at [or the word may be study there.]

I photograph scenes of nature for the public to enjoy; and I also paint paintings and upload them also to my site at FYI. In the second photo of the sky that I photographed at the same time there is a little dot sort of there in the lower right corner. I did that photo first if i remember correctly last evening from my window –look at time sequence on long file name. Then I changed my position slightly and took another photo and saved them til this morning to upload them to my site. When I saw the purple thing there, I made a new subdomain site to put that photo on for it is very unusual. Please tell me what you think that is in the middle of the sun on
that photo? I do not know ??Alien spaceship?? Is that possible?

Also in those photos you will see another time that an image on
camera showed up that did not appear to my ‘naked’ eye. The two
images of my signature in red show an unusual phenomenon also.
I have complained often about censorship of my words. That day
of the signature thing, I had created a signature file of my name
Gloria in red script letters on the computer into a file,but when
I tried to upload it , it was blocked from uploading. I decided that
I would try a different method and photograph my computer screen
and I did. The black bars showed up on the image attempting to cover
up my signature [name] and to prevent me from uploading to MY
website of my name. My real name is Gloria Poole.
The black bars showed up on the camera image but not to the
naked eye on the computer. Is is bizarre and I uploaded both images
to that photography site too, as documentation. FYI.
Please comment if you know what the purple thing is?

url address:…

/s/ gloria poole, RN and artist, a/k/a ‘gloriapoole’ on the web.
11:08 AM 6/21/2008